Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holiday Card Photo Ideas

Family photographs are such a wonderful way to document your year. Every Christmas, I look forward to receiving cards from family and friends. Although I love getting any card in the mail, I particularly treasure the photo cards. I save them from year to year and love to see how the children grow! It’s sometimes difficult to decide which picture or pictures to use for a holiday card. You may have a favorite memory from the year in mind, but if you’re looking for holiday card photo ideas, I have some great suggestions for you.

Divide and conquer. It’s often difficult to get everyone in a picture to smile at the same time. Take pictures of each child separately and choose a card with multiple photos. Spell out a word relating to the holiday by photographing each member or the family with one letter. J-O-Y and P-E-A-C-E are great options. Place the pictures together in the card layout for a creative look that captures everyone’s best smile.

Beach memories. Beach portraits are one of my personal favorites for holiday card photos. Here’s a unique twist on the beach picture. Build a snowman out of sand. Bring a carrot with you for the nose and use shells, twigs, and other beachy finds to make the rest of his face. Add a scarf and smile with Frosty the Sandman!

Photo Booth. Having a photo booth at a wedding or party is one of the hottest trends right now. It’s also a fantastic idea for a holiday card. Make a frame for your “picture” and add props.

Enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor pictures and natural light are a gorgeous way to showcase your family. Choose a place you enjoy, such as a park or playground. Snap a lot of pictures and encourage everyone to have fun. Casual shots can capture some of the best moments. By taking a lot of pictures, you can see which one you like the most. It's well worth the time you will spend editing the perfect photo.

Close Up and Crop. Since the photo on the card will not be very large in most cases, be sure to capture a close up shot of your family or children. Crop the picture using the layout features to show off your adorable little ones.

I’m getting my Christmas cards from Tiny Prints again this year. I have decided on the photo I’m going to use and have already selected my card, but I’m not going to reveal it to you just yet…that would spoil the fun when you receive it in the mail! You can see all of their designer options for holiday cards here.

Do you take certain pictures that you plan to use in holiday photo cards?  What is the most unique holiday card photo you have ever seen?


pictures via tiny prints and pinterest


  1. loving the sandy snow man!

  2. I was JUST thinking about Christmas cards today. I have photo cards I am going to send out that I purchased two years ago and never used. However, I need a good photo for them. The clock is ticking so I guess I had better get busy :)



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