Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Princess Beatrice: Easy Halloween Costume

It's almost Halloween.  Have you chosen your costume yet?  Every year it seems like certain personalities lend themselves to be a perfect Halloween costume idea. Snooki is so 2010; it's all about Princess Beatrice this year.

Of course you remember her ensemble, well really, you remember her hat, from the Royal Wedding this spring. It sparked an incredible amount of attention from social media outlets. Princess Beatrice later sold the hat on ebay for over $130,000, with the proceeds going to charity. 

Channeling Princess Beatrice is easy!  Just find any neutral suit or dress in your closet to wear.  The suit does not matter.  It's the hat that makes the costume. 

While I was looking at Halloween costumes online, I found the most incredible Princess Beatrice hat. You can buy the hat from Headline Costumes for $39.  The website guarantees delivery in time for Halloween, too.

The website's description of the hat is hilarious.

Princess Beatrice went from "That Weight Watcher Lady's Daughter" to "That Girl with the Ridiculous Royal Wedding Hat." To think, that one little hat changed what's-her-name's life forever....

What do you think?  Would you dress like Princess Beatrice for Halloween?


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