Monday, October 24, 2011

Wildest Trick or Treat in Town

Halloween is a holiday that is best celebrated as much as possible, especially when snacks are part of the deal! This weekend, the Twincesses and I went to Boo at the Zoo at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. It’s the wildest trick-or-treat in town.

As soon as we went in the entrance, the girls saw a treat station offering popsicles. The delicious and colorful treats were a fantastic way to start the evening. The candy and treats suited every taste. Children and adults enjoyed options like apples and bananas, gelato and ice cream, organic snacks, and lots of chocolate.  Other stations had temporary tattoos, slap bracelets, magnets, and sippy cups.  We visited the ice cream station twice! 

There were lots of eerie activities throughout the zoo for children to investigate and special animal interactions. The scarecrow field and spider tunnel were some favorites for our group.  Even the Panda posed for pictures at Boo at the Zoo. 

The fuzzy spider legs were pretty creepy!

The paths of the zoo and the exhibit buildings were staged for the season.

Without a doubt, the Glowing Lollipops were the Holy Grail of Boo at the Zoo. We saw people with these fabulous glowing lollipops and went on our search that at times resembled a frenzied episode of The Amazing Race! Here's the end result...

It was a fun event! I highly recommend Boo at the Zoo for a safe, fun, and unique trick-or-treat experience in Washington, D.C.



  1. the zoo in baltimore does this, too!

  2. The twins are looking SO big! I love their costumes and would have loved to try a glow in the dark lollipop!

  3. @Pigtown ~ I have been to the Maryland Zoo for their trick or treat and had a blast! It's fun to go during the day to see all of the animals.

    @Kappa Prep ~ The glow lollipops are so cool. You're girls are growing up so quickly all of a sudden. I miss my babies!



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