Thursday, October 27, 2011

Will You Go to the Dance With Me?

The past week has been so exciting at work! As a teacher, no two days are ever the same for me, but the weeks that precede homecoming are always fun. Several young men have come up with the most creative and sweet ways to invite a girl to the homecoming dance. Yesterday, I was an accomplice in one of these romantic plots. I must share the details with you because I know that it will put a smile on your face.

One of my students approached me before class and said that he needed a favor. He asked if he could leave class a few minutes early. At first, when I asked him for his reason, he was reluctant to answer. But then he shared his exciting plan with me, and I’m so glad that he did. He had made clay letters that spelled Homecoming? and wanted to leave class early to set it up on the girl’s desk before the next class began. What a sweet gesture! Of course, I gave the student permission to leave class...and of course, the girl said yes!

Last week another one of my students asked a girl to the homecoming dance in a very special way. He is the anchorman on the morning announcements that are broadcast on the school’s tv station. At the conclusion of the announcements, he said that there were no birthdays to announce, but that he had a special message for a special lady. The camera zoomed in on him and he looked straight at the lens, saying, “Will you go to the homecoming dance with me, Mary?” Of course, the girl said yes!

Another boy gained the attention of the entire high school cafeteria when friends at his table whistled in unison. He jumped up on a cafeteria table, walked on the table toward the girl he likes, and got down on one knee to invite her to the Homecoming Dance. Although there were hundreds of students in the cafeteria, everyone heard her reply of yes, because the lunch room was absolutely silent!

What other ideas do you have for inviting someone to a dance? What about a marriage proposal? Did someone make a romantic proposal or invitation to you?

Please share your story and put a smile on everyone’s face today as they read your comment.

In other, less exciting, homecoming week news, I was somehow nominated by the sophomore class to have a pie full of whipped cream thrown at me during a pep rally! It's a fundraiser for their prom and my colleagues tell me that I should be flattered. I'm just hoping that the pie tastes good and have to remember to wear an old polo to the pep rally.



  1. What cute gestures! My favorite one of all-time is when Heath Ledger's character sings, "You're Just Too Good To Be True" to Julia Stiles to apologize. :)

  2. Awesome stories. I think this is why at my age I'm still so young at heart. All the time spent with high school kids will certainly keep life FUN!! Our kids don't do anything special for homecoming, but they do for Prom. I'll definitely share some stories with you when that time comes!! XOXO

  3. Love those sweet boys ideas!! When my fabulous husband proposed to me,we and several of our closest friends were eating at a Japanese Restaurant. When they brought our fortune cookies at the end of the meal, I opened mine, and it read, Will You Marry ME??? And 28 years later,we are still happily married....

  4. I need to pass this on to Sumter to file away for when he gets older!



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