Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Breakers: World Class Luxury

If paradise on earth exists, you can find it at The Breakers in Palm Beach. The magnificent hotel offers every luxury you can imagine. Whether you take a stroll on the lawn or play a quick game of croquet, you’ll enjoy the unforgettable view of the ocean.

If you’re leaving Palm Beach on a Sunday, be sure to get a late flight out of town because you won’t want to miss the amazing Sunday Brunch at the Circle Restaurant at The Breakers Palm Beach. Here’s the entrance to the famous Circle Restaurant. Aren't the flowers gorgeous?

When I first walked to the hostess podium, I noticed that the girl was wearing the Lilly Pulitzer Adelson dress. She looked fantastic and I complimented her on her dress. She politely thanked me when another hostess approached the podium ~ wearing the same Lilly Pulitzer dress. The Adelson dress is their work uniform! The girls shared with me that they have had this new uniform for a few months now and that they love the universally flattering dress. They both were wearing the same adorable little gold flats, too.  What an amazingly chic uniform!

According to The Breakers official webpage, “The Circle boasts fabulous ocean views and soaring 30-foot frescoed ceilings. Eight oval murals depict Renaissance landscapes, including the Villa Medici near Florence and the famous Tivoli Gardens, south of Rome.”

My friend and I had a fantastic table along the window with a spectacular view of the ocean ~ and the other people in the restaurant...very important since we are both professional people watchers! A harpist plays music at brunch, too.

The buffet offers everything and anything you could imagine! I skipped the traditional breakfast fare with the omelet station, bacon, fresh Belgian waffles, and pastries and headed directly to the raw bar. Seafood lovers scooped up crab legs, shrimp, clams, and oysters including local specialties. Numerous carving stations serve a wide variety of meats and ham along with oodles of side dishes. One of my favorite items at the buffet was the cheese with countless varieties of cheese and fresh fruit. The caviar was so plentiful; it is displayed in a big bowl like cornflakes instead of a tiny little serving that I would get in a DC restaurant.

But don’t forget to save room for dessert. You can choose from over 30 sweet treats prepared at The Breakers own pastry shop. I sampled the macaroons, chocolates, a cupcake, and some ice cream topped with freshly shaved chocolate.

After brunch, you’ll want to visit the hotel boutiques. The children’s shop has adorable boutique clothing and swimsuits as well as some wonderful little souvenirs. I found some little trinkets to bring to my Twincesses; they were thrilled! A Lilly Pulitzer boutique opens later this week. I can’t believe that I was just a little too early to shop at the new store. Lilly designers traveled to Florida to paint the wall murals of the new store by hand. I saw a sneak peek of the colorful mural and it is spectacular. Drop in Guerlain and Ralph Lauren to complete your shopping experience.

A return trip to The Breakers is certainly on my short term bucket list! It's an unforgettable and incredibly special choice for your Palm Beach vacation.

Have you ever been to The Breakers? What did you enjoy the most?


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  1. LOVE the Breakers, though I've never had the breakfast there. Looks fabulous!

  2. I love the Breakers, especially the Tapestry Bar - I like to take my friends who are visiting from out of town there for cocktails. I also had the pleasure of attending a wedding at the Breakers several years ago and it was incredibly gorgeous. Such a special place!

  3. Gorgeous! What a fun treat for you and Charity. I thought about checking out the grounds, but decided to wait for a return trip with Mr. Banker.

  4. What a gorgeous place. That brunch looks so decadent and incredible. It reminds me of my favorite brunch in NYC that is no longer available- the Cafe Botanica at the Essex House.



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