Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Comfortable, Pretty Shoes

I’m not exactly well known for my sensible shoes. Heels, wedges, and boots make up the majority of the shoes in my fall and winter shoe collection. The closest things to casual in my shoe wardrobe are my monogrammed clogs and I’ll only wear tennis shoes if I’m actually playing tennis or doing something athletic.

So when a salesperson in a Palm Beach boutique encouraged me to try on a pair of fold up flats, I was not so sure that I would like them. Oh I was so wrong about these marvelous little shoes!

The Yosi Samra ballet flats have the most adorable little black box and are neatly folded in a black fabric shoe bag. They’re perfect for travel. You can easily toss the shoe bag in your tote bag or purse for a quick change of shoes after a few hours in 4 inch heels.

As soon as I put the gold flats on my feet, I knew that I loved these shoes and that I wanted them in multiple colors. There’s so much padding in the sole of the shoe that you feel like you’re walking on air. I also like the stretchy and soft edge along the edge of the shoe because it is soft and does not scrape or rub my feet at all.

These fashion forward flats look good with any outfit and are stylish and comfortable. I took them for a test drive through two airports and a day full of long distance speed walking and they passed the test. I think I want them in every color, although I didn’t see any pink flats for sale. Those would be perfect!

What is the most comfortable shoe that you own?



  1. LOVE my Tory Burch Revas! They fit amazingly, and are so comfy! I wish I could afford them in every color! :)

  2. I must admit, for a comfortable shoe I can leave the house in, my years old Sperry's are my go to!

  3. Always on the look-out for a comfy shoe! Will have to check these out.

  4. Thanks for sharing Bethany, I've been looking for some that aren't super expensive but don't looks so cheap it looks like you're wearing slippers!
    Plus!!! These are on Daily Candy's "Swirl" site for $29 instead of $55 through 11/27.


  5. Sooooo cute! Love them! I love Elaine Turner shoes! They r so comfy!

  6. Of course my Ugly, bulky Danskos clogs are what I wear in the winter while teaching... Sad.

  7. I love my Sperrys! Have a great Thanksgiving!



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