Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Elegant 10 Minute Thanksgiving Appetizer

easy brie torte appetizer

If you need a quick, easy, and inexpensive appetizer for your Thanksgiving celebration, here’s the perfect solution. This easy brie torte is my go-to recipe whenever I need to bring an appetizer. In a gourmet store or upscale grocery market, these cheese tortes can cost about $50 or $60 depending on the weight, but you can make it at home for just over $10!

Here’s what you need. I used Saga blue cheese, mascarpone cheese, cranberry orange preserves, cranberries, and walnuts.

easy brie torte appetizer recipe

Put the blue cheese in the freezer for a little bit so that it was firm and easy to slice. Since I wanted a 3 layer torte, I sliced the Saga blue cheese in 3 pieces.

easy brie torte appetizer recipe

In between each layer, spread the preserves and sprinkle some crushed walnuts and cranberries.

easy brie torte appetizer recipe

Here's what the three layers look like before coating them with mascarpone cheese. 

easy brie torte appetizer recipe

Carefully spread the mascarpone cheese over the torte.  You'll want a thick layer of cheese so that the walnuts and cranberries can be placed in the torte.

easy brie torte appetizer recipe

To finish the torte, place the walnuts around the edges as if you were decorating a cake. Add cranberries on top of the torte. I made a topping with preserves, cranberries, and walnuts for a pretty appearance.

This disappears so quickly at any party and will be a hit at your next event!

easy brie torte appetizer recipe

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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