Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall's Best Coats

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A good coat is always an excellent investment piece because a quality coat will last for years. Classic lines and styles will stay current for years, perhaps even decades. On the other hand, a coat is a fun way to add a pop of color or show off a current trend. Savvy shoppers can pick up on trend coats from fashion forward stores like Zara and H and M without paying a fortune. If you live in a cold weather region, your coat is the first thing people will see on you from October through April.

Here are my top picks for fall and winter coats. (From left to right and top to bottom)

1. A good preppy needs a classic pea coat. This classic piece, once available only in navy as standard navy issue, is now available in every color of the rainbow. The Heritage Wool Pea Coat from Lands End Canvas in red tomato is a fantastic update for 2011.

2. Everyone is crazy about capes this fall. I’m thinking that the Pan Am stewardesses will be donning their capes in some upcoming episodes. When I was little, I had an outfit for my Barbies that included a cape. It was so elegant. I adore the knitted wool cape from J. Crew, available on Net-a-Porter.

3. Look chic and stay warm even in the most terrible winter weather with a down parka. Thank goodness for technological advances that provide excellent warmth and insulation without looking like poor little Ralphie's brother in A Christmas Story. Lands End has another winning coat with the Diamond Down Jacket. I really like the inner drawstring cord that cinches the waist. This deal is even sweeter because you can get $30 off your purchase of $100 or more with free shipping today.

4.Toggle coats are oh so preppy and classic.  J. Crew's Toggle Coat in Wool-Cashmere will keep you warm thanks to Thinsulate.  Love.  Paddington Bear would approve. 

5.  Faux fur is another major trend.  Everywhere I look, there are faux fur vests, coats, and jackets.  Kate Spade's Victoria Pullover is a delightful interpretation of the faux fur coat. 

6.  For every day wear, the simple and elegant Woolen Cloth coat from Zara is an excellent choice.  It's practical to wear every day and is nice enough to wear to work, but looks great on the weekends, too. 

7.  Even the best fashionistas face a dilemma with evening wear.  What do you wear when it's 30 degrees outside and you're wearing a sleeveless or strapless evening gown?  Everyone should have a dressy winter topper because there are times when a pashmina or ruana simply won't keep you warm from the car to the event.  As you probably know, Elizabeth McKay is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers.  Her dressy coat is gorgeous for fall and winter. 

What winter coat is your favorite? 


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  1. I am actually facing a coat dilemma for tonight...that Elizabeth McKay coat would be the perfect solution! Happy Friday! xx

  2. I so want a winter coat with faux fur around the collar. I'm seeing many like that this season and some are just gorgeous!

  3. So glad faux fur is becoming a fashion choice - as lovely as real fur is, it's an unneccessary cruelty to animals and the faux furs are really improved!

    Thanks for sharing!

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