Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top 10 Advent Calendar Picks

I love Advent. The word advent comes from the Latin word adventus, which means “coming.” The Season of Advent is a time when Christians anticipate and prepare for the arrival of Jesus.

Anticipation is exciting. I love to have something to look forward to on the horizon. Whether it’s a trip, a special event, or a holiday, counting down to something special builds my enthusiasm. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved opening a little door, window, or box for each day in December on an Advent calendar.

After an extensive search, I found the top 10 advent calendars for 2011.

For children and the young at heart
1. Dylan’s Candy Bar Advent Calendar: The most traditional calendars include a little piece of chocolate for each day in the countdown. I love the colorful calendar and everyone will enjoy the delicious chocolate.

2. Lego City Advent Calendar: Your Lego lover will adore this original calendar. Add a little gift of building fun for every day before Christmas with this fun set.

3. German Chocolate Advent Calendar: This is the same calendar that my Nana used to give to my sister and me every year when we were little. We would always try to guess what shape the chocolate would be. I think that it’s pretty amazing that the calendar still looks very much like it did many years ago. A nice dose of nostalgia.

4. Eric Carle’s Dream Snow Pop Up Advent Calendar: Every child loves to read and explore the world of Eric Carle. This pop up calendar is a pretty decoration and will delight people of all ages with its whimsical design.

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Advent Calendars for Traditionalists
5.  Norman Rockwell’s Advent Calendar: The timeless images behind the windows and doors of the scene from the iconic artist are delightful visions of traditional American life.

6.  Villeroy and Boch Christmas Tree Advent Calendar: If you’re looking for an heirloom piece, this is the advent calendar for you. Your family will treasure the tree with 24 delicate ornaments.

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Modern Advent Calendars
7.  Garnet Hill’s Abacus Advent Calendar: Whimsical and fun, this modern advent calendar complements minimalist décor. If the abacus was pink and green, I would buy this immediately.

8.  Happy Thoughts Advent Calendar: Instead of opening doors, windows, or boxes, read a special message full of happiness every day during advent. It’s a great way to boost your holiday spirit and helps us to remember why we are celebrating. The messages on this fabulous Etsy find can be customized.

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DIY Advent Calendars
9.  Modern Chevron Advent Calendar Kit:  This kit from Etsy includes everything you need to make your own modern advent calendar. 

10.  Damask Advent Calendar:  The reusable boxes can be filled with whatever goodies you wish to include.  Look for a post in the near future about some of my ideas for filling advent calendar bags or boxes. 

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Have you purchased your Advent Calendar this year? Do you use the same calendar from year to year? Share your comments and ideas; I would love to hear your family traditions.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. Oh how I love Advent calendars! Growing up I remember having a different one each year. One of them was full of molded chocolates, yumm! Not having children right now makes me miss them, but I will certainly carry on the tradition when I have my own! (I have thought about getting one just to make me feel giddy!)

  2. You forgot about Playmobil advent calendars for the kids. I get some for my children each Christmas, and they LOVE them! Super cute styles for girls and boys :)

  3. Advent calendars are such a wonderful tradition - it was the highlight of my childhood Christmas memories. I'm so thrilled to see people are still celebrating the season with Advent calendars.

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  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I bought the Happy Thoughts on JUST THIS MINUTE! Can't wait to receive it...



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