Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Add a Little Sparkle to Your Holiday

Add a little sparkle to your holiday this year. It's sometimes difficult to find a perfect balance with all things sparkly without looking like part of the Christmas decorations. A perfect choice is a sparkly sequin skirt like this one from J. Crew. The dressy skirt is comfortable and chic when paired with a simple button down blouse and soft sweater.  

The rich blend of textures is elegant without trying too hard. 


There's something magical about sparkles.  A little bit of sparkle transforms something ordinary into something amazing.  The magic behind these chains?  Aluminum foil!  This fantastic idea from Real Simple is a fun activity for children and can keep them occupied for a long time.  (That's always a bonus.)

Paper stars covered in glitter are a simple and elegant decoration in any room. The Pottery Barn vase would also be beautiful on a sweets table or as a small centerpiece.

Here's another easy idea from Add some costume jewelry to votive candles for a unique sparkly look.

How do you add sparkle to your holiday wardrobe or decor?



  1. I'm definitely a fan of glittery nail polish at the holidays - Sephora Looks Like Rain Deer is a great gold! OPI also has a bunch of awesome colors associated with the new Muppets movie. I like Excuse Moi the best.

  2. I love butter london polishes!

  3. The glitter nail polish is SO much fun! I love OPI's creative names but am obsessed with the polishes from butter. Have a great day!

  4. A smile can add just so much sparkle. I need a holiday cardigan and I spotted a silvery one!
    I have a silver necklace that I has been my go to sparkle.



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