Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Stop in Palm Beach: C. Orrico

A trip to Palm Beach is not complete without a stop at C. Orrico. In truth, my friend Charity and I were so eager to visit C. Orrico that it was our first stop after getting our rental car at The Palm Beach International Airport. The flagship Palm Beach store is located on South County Road in the heart of some of the best shopping in the area.

Lilly Pulitzer had been in the store just before we arrived. I was so sorry to have missed her! The lovely ladies at C. Orrico said that Lilly stops in frequently to visit, chat, and shop.

C. Orrico has the latest collection from Lilly Pulitzer but also boasts a wonderful array of other preppy brands. My favorites include the adorable tunics from Barbara Gerwit and Gretchen Scott. C. Orrico offers a variety of jewelry, accessories, and shoes to match your wardrobe selection. When I was there, I saw people in bathing suits and cover ups who were buying a complete ensemble for the evening. An orange and pink tunic practically jumped into my shopping bag!

The store is so pretty and exemplifies the preppy lifestyle with its sun-drenched Palm Beach style.  Kathie Orrico graciously poses with me in front of one of their newest murals, freshly designed and painted by a former Lilly print designer. Kathie is a doll and helped me to find just what I needed!

The three Orrico sisters generously contributed to the Preppy American Brunch held in honor of Lilly Pulitzer's 80th birthday. Their signature pink and white bags with preppy green grosgrain handles greeted each guest at the party.

C. Orrico is a must see when you are visiting Palm Beach!



  1. What a great shopping experience! I would love to shop there!

  2. I think it'd be my first stop, too. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. ;)

  3. I love that store. I've only been to the one in PM once but they have one in Naples I visit as often as I can!

  4. I just got home from sailing the Abaco Islands (Bahamas). My flight layover was Miama and I was thinking that my next trip will be to Palm Beach. Looks like you had a great time and Kathie Orrico (love how she spells her name) could be your mother! That's how much you look alike.



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