Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Love Mod Podge!

It took me a while to get my tree put together this year, but the end result is well worth the wait. Although I usually have an assortment of ornaments on my tree collected over the years, this year I decided to have a theme tree. It’s a pink and green tree! The adorable pink and green starfish were my first inspiration.

You already know how much I love Mod Podge.  Remember my Halloween pumpkins?  So it was an easy decision to add to my collection of handmade holiday crafts in the pink and green theme. These pretty pink and green ornaments are easy and inexpensive to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:
- Clear plastic ornaments (from Joann's or AC Moore)
- Pretty decorative paper
- Mod Podge
- A brush for the Mod Podge
- German Glass Glitter
- Protective gloves
- Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish Spray

Easy instructions:
1. Pre-cut long skinny pointed oval shapes and attach to the clear plastic ornaments using the Mod Podge and brush, working your way around the ball. Little ones can help with this step to make things move along faster.

2. When the Mod Podge is still wet, carefully roll the ball in the German Glass Glitter. You will need to wear gloves when you are going this because it is real glass and you could get cut on the little pieces of glitter. I find that the end result is incredibly gorgeous and is worth the extra effort! Never sprinkle the glass glitter over the ornament because it will fly all over the place! I kept my gloves on my hands and rolled the ornaments in the glass while the girls worked primarily with the Mod Podge.

3. Spray the ornaments with one or two coats of the Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish Spray for a perfect finish and ornaments that will last for years.

I love these one of a kind ornaments because they are easy and inexpensive to make, but will last for many years.

Do you make any ornaments at your house?


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  1. Cute!!!!

    No, unfortunately, we do not make ornaments. It looks fun, though!

  2. My minnie and I will definately try those. They are adorable.

  3. So nice! I once made ornaments with my son's picture. It was a clear ornament with his picture printed on a transparency paper. Everyone loved it and we still display it on our tree :)

  4. I love a good home made ornament. Those are darling. I will have to try them next year.

  5. I love to make ornaments but now I want to try yours. I have never worked with mod podge is it really better than elmers glue?

  6. Very pretty, B! Love your tree! You may (or may not!) have seen that I decorated starfish, sand dollars and shells this year for my tree. I was feeling quite crafty and accomplished when it was done! :-) XOXO

  7. Thanks everyone! Kayce ~ I love Mod Podge because it's easy to apply with a brush. I brush on a little bit extra on the outside of the ball so that the glitter sticks to it perfectly.

  8. Bethany I love your ornaments, fabulous crafting creations!! I hope you have been enjoying this holiday week and may it be filled with much celebration and festivities! Be sure to check out the Twirling Clare giveaway xoxo http://twirlingclare.blogspot.com/2011/12/holiday-giveaway-featuring-sweatybands.html

  9. So cute Bethany! I have never worked with Modge Podge. Maybe I will try to make something for Valentine's day with it.



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