Friday, December 2, 2011

Old School Preppy College Uniform

So I'm dating myself by telling you this, but I first went to college in the early 90's. I was looking at old yearbooks, and all of us had a similar preppy wardrobe that I think is still relavent today. In fact, many of these things are the real deal circa 1990 and are still in my closet. The only thing I have replaced are the Bean boots. The boots were only replaced because I didn't bring my old Bean boots with me from Mexico, so I had to get a new pair.

The winters were long and cold, but we managed to stay warm. I miss the radiator heat in my old dorm room at Phillips Hall. Sometimes it was so warm that I had to open the windows during the winter.  So good preppy basics were very important!

Preppy fall/winter wardrobe:
1. L.L. Bean boots
2. L.L. Bean sweater
3. Argyle sweaters
4. Wool kilts
5. Cashmere cardigans
6. Pearls

Preppy spring wardrobe:
1. Lacoste polos
2. Laura Ashley dresses
3. Plaid shorts
4. Pearls

One of my favorite things that I still remember wearing in college, but I know that I had it much earlier was the reversible whale raincoat! Did you have one of these?  If my memory is correct, my parents got me one of these coats when I was in middle school.  I remember thinking that it was cool because the blue and green in the coat matched the blue and green in the kilt of my school uniform.  Ha!

Greek Life was huge at my school, with over 60% of the campus affiliated with a national fraternity or sorority. I went through sorority recruitment during the first weeks of the spring semester of my freshman year. I'll never forget how excited I was to receive my bid from Phi Mu. Of course, we were the best sorority on campus.  :)  For the next few years, anything with letters on it was at the top of my wish list. I always loved plaid...

If you're in college now, what is everyone on campus wearing?  If you already graduated, what did you used to wear all the time when you were in college?



  1. When I was in college, it was OCBD's, caridgan or crewneck sweater, wool skirt (either solid or plaid), cable knee socks, Bass weejuns, add-a-bead necklace or pearls, Lacostes, khaki skirts, khaki slacks, jumpers, turtlenecks. Can't forget Tretorns with every color gullwing and Peter Popovich skirts and tees. I think I am so dating myself. I still have my Bass weejuns..and wear them. They actually have an arch support.

  2. The college that I am attending in the fall is very preppy..
    It is common to go to class in RL chinos, RL oxford tucked in, a vineyard vines belt, and a perry of top siders/penny loafers on a casual day!

    I loved the styles that you shared!

  3. I had one of those same raincoats! I wonder what happened to mother had one as well. All the styles you named were quite prevalent at my school, with the addition of Lilly sundresses and sorority letters with Lilly fabric!

  4. I love this post! So fun to see preppy style from the past. I would love a whale jacket like that. How cute!

  5. I see tons of horrible outfits around campus. When did athletic wear become appropriate for class? Lately, I've been wearing sweaters, loafers, and sometimes boots. I've always been one to dress up for class. Great post!

  6. That is hilarious. I completely forgot about those raincoats. My sister and I both had one. Loved those.

  7. You're going to love this: I wore skirts to class every single day my freshman year. We were warned at orientation that we could wear pants, but needed "to think about how we'd look walking across campus in pants". :-) Only the hippies were wearing jeans/pants. The next year, however, we began wearing pants and then jeans - so how long ago was that? 40+ years ago! I fear now we'd be shocked at what they're wearing to class. xoxo

  8. A fellow early 90's dinosaur here...I think I owned everything you pictured except for the Phi Mu sweatshirt! We even wore Laura Ashely to football games, believe it or not. Football was a cocktail party at UVA in those days!

  9. That's a great blast from the past, I wore similar outfits, too! I'm a Phi Mu as well and advise at AU in DC. Ive noticed lots of girls wearing tall brown boots and blazers-LOVE IT!



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