Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Flight Fashion

When I fly, I like to look good and feel comfortable.  Remember some of my tips for in flight fashion and comfort for passengers in this previous post?  I took my own advice and wore a pair of black cigarette pants with some stretch in them with a gray tank top and matching Tory Burch cardigan on my flight to Mexico.  It's incredibly comfortable, yet understatedly elegant.  Going through security was a breeze. 

As soon as I got out of customs in Mexico City and was in the general aviation area of the airport, I immediately noticed the most incredible flight attendant uniform.  It is so retro, so Pan Am.  If I could have bought it off the flight attendant's back, I would have done so in a heartbeat!  Since my efforts at trying to find one of these uniforms for sale while in Mexico were unsuccessful,  I'm scouring ebay auctions to see if I can find one of these uniforms for Halloween next year.  Don't judge.  It's never too early to shop for a Halloween costume and a retro flight attendant is never out of style!

Mariana Luna designed the 50s retro style uniforms for Volaris airlines.  The pinkish-violet tones of the uniform are stunning and incredibly fashionable.  The hat is the best part of the uniform in my opinion. 

Aren't the uniforms fabulous?




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