Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Family Fun

Are you looking for a free family activity? The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore is an excellent choice for a day of discovery, learning, and fun. Admission to the museum is free. The museum organizes family activities every weekend, offering hands on fun for children. On the day that we were at the museum, children could make a drum with seeds and other materials.

The incredible collection is made up of over 35,000 objects, the majority of which were collected by two local businessmen, William and Henry Walters.  Some of the highlights we discovered on our trip include suits of medieval armor and swords, sculptures, tapestries, and more.

The minnies also loved the mummies of an elderly woman and a young girl.  The canoptic jars fascinate them and we spent quite a lot of time exploring the art of ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt.  They even spelled their names in a cartouche, a hieroglyphic nameplate.

Art is everywhere at the Walters Art Museum.  From the gorgeous architecture of the building, to the medieval staircase, it's truly a unique building.  These gorgeous jars caught my eye even though they were shelved above an exit.

This map is probably one of my favorite spots at the museum.  Made up of incredibly small mosaic tiles, it occupies an entire wall!

We also visited the special exhibition with objects from Latin America.  Natalia loved this llama effigy from Peru.

Art Carts throughout the museum offer more fun for families!  The docents explain different items to children and allow them to "play" with certain objects like musical instruments.  There are also costumes for children to model and books to read.  The minnies signed out an art kit from the cart that included a sketch pad, colored pencils, erasers, and more.  As we explored the museum, they took notes and sketched some of their favorite pieces.

Here's some of their handiwork!

The family guides helped us tour the museum.  Each folder contains a map and cards with information about specific pieces.  The guides are geared toward children and help them to make connections to their prior knowledge.  We had some interesting conversations with the prompts and questions in the family guides.

If you're in Baltimore, be sure to visit this incredible gem in Charm City!

Practical Information:
Walters Art Museum Hours
Wednesday - Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Free General Admission

Located in Mount Vernon, about a mile north of the Inner Harbor. There's plenty of parking in the museum lot beside the museum or on the street.



  1. I love the Walters art museum, esp the Tiffany collection they have - amazing stuff!

  2. I spent much of my childhood there. My dad was the PR Director at the Walters, and when he'd go in to work on the weekends, we'd go with him and have the run of the place. The guards all knew us, and would keep an eye out for us. It's a fabulous place.

  3. The Walters is a great museum! You'll have to take the girls to the BMA on your next trip and have lunch at Gertrude's!

  4. I agree, the Walters is one of the best kept secrets on the East Coast, and I hope that does not hurt the board's ability to raise funds. It is truley amazing that it is still free. What a treasure.



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