Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Smile, Because It Happened

Bittersweet. I’m very happy, but in a way, I’m sad to see that my little girls are growing up. It’s hard for me. All of a sudden, things are moving forward in their lives at a rapid pace and my little babies are young ladies.

Yesterday, the Twincesses celebrated Valentine’s Day with a 5th grade classroom party. Students carefully put their valentines in decorated bags and ate way too much sugar for their own good. It was wonderful! This was probably their last official Valentine’s Day party at school, since I'm thinking they won't have a Valentine's Day party in middle school. 

Tonight we are going to an orientation meeting for Middle School Registration. My big girls get to choose their classes and are eager to see their new school. It’s so hard for me to imagine. Middle School.

And then there's my new line item expense in the budget, the orthodontist. So many signs of growing up and many more to come in the future. I don't even want to think about high school and college and dating. Oh my goodness.

When the girls were younger, it was often overwhelming to have twins. Two little people walking in two different directions, two little people to take on every errand to the dry cleaner or grocery store, and two little people who both wanted to be held at the same time, even when they weighed 40 pounds a piece. Even on my most harried day, I always remembered my mother's words, "Treasure your time with them; they won't be your babies forever." She was and is still 100% correct.

Even though they'll always be my little girls in my mind, I know that it's time to let them continue to grow and flourish.  Every experience with them is special and not only allows me to spend time with them, it's an opportunity for me to help them to grow into the kind of young ladies I want them to become.  I hope that people will view my daughters as girls who are kind, empathetic, articulate, and culturally literate.  And if their taste in style remains on the preppy slanted side of the fashion scale, well, that's just an added bonus.  Ha!

Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez beautifully sums up how I feel with his quote in Spanish, "No llores porque ya se terminó... sonríe, porque sucedió." The quote, "Don't cry because it has, because it happened," comes from his famous 13 Lines For Living Your Life. 

Every moment of the girls' lives has touched me in such a special way. Although it's hard for me to see them leaving smocked dresses and sweet nuances of speech behind them, I know that I will always treasure these much as I'll treasure the things that are yet to come.  It's not a time to be sad; it's a time to be happy for the wonderful memories I hold in my heart.



  1. What a beautifully written post...holding much truth! I too sometimes feel panicked by the speed with which my little ones are growing up. And even though I still have a 1-year old in addition to my 5 and 7 year olds, it seems like the baby is growing up faster than the older two!!!

    Blessings from the Heartland,


  2. I'm a twin too, and almost 24. I know my mom had the same sentiments with us growing up "so fast". Love your blog, Bethany!

  3. Bethany, what a lovely post for your daughters, and I know they will look fondly at your words in years to come. I believe you have perfectly expressed the sentiments every mother hopes for their daughters (my mother has said many of the same words to me throughout my life).

    I know my mother also had a hard time watching me 'grow up' and most recently, marry, but we are as close as ever and she is my best friend. Relationships may change, but they bring much joy along the way!

  4. What a beautiful post. As a mother of 4 (ages 2-6), I think some of our days go by rather slow but the years seem to go by so fast. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy every minute of raising our children!

  5. So true. when I picked up my 14 year old yesterday she remarked at missing the days when every one exchanged cards.

  6. I love this post! I have a 5th grader and a 7th grader (both boys) and I'm having "last" moments with my 5th grader now(last Valentine's Day exchange, last Book Fair--I LOVE the Book Fair!), etc so I definitely feel your twangs of...not regret, not sadness, just the realization of time passing and understanding you are in a different place now. It's hard for me to even look at my boys' baby books and scrapbooks--it hurts too much as I realize how fast the time has gone. On the other hand, I love the men my boys are slowly turning into, and that's a marvelous thing to be a part of :)

  7. Your daughters are so lovely.Yes,our children grow up way too fast.Mine did,but I so enjoy our "grown up " relationship,as well...

  8. I hear you. One minute you are running around and the next they are so much more independent. tear



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