Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Favors

The minnies and I spent the afternoon putting together some valentine treats for their favorite peeps. This easy valentine is tasty and looks great. We picked up a bunch several boxes of the signature Dylan's Candy Bars I mentioned to you last week.

Each little valentine friend receives two candy bars, a milk chocolate and a cookies and cream candy, in a skinny cellophane bag. Using a pretty pink chenille stem aka pipe cleaner to close the bag is whimsical and is perfect for tweens. Wrap the chenille stem around a pencil or straw to make a little curl. Then add your personalized valentine sticker and you have an easy, inexpensive, and pretty valentine for anyone on your list.

It's a fun activity for us and luckily I've been able to resist the chocolate. The girls are so excited about their Valentine's Day party next week.  I'm a little misty eyed and emotional about it.  They're in 5th grade and this might be their last Valentine's Day party at school.  My babies are suddenly turning into young ladies.  Sigh. 

Are you making valentines this week? What are they like?



  1. Love the pipe cleaners, too cute!

    xx Emily

  2. I adore Valentine's Treats! And don't worry...I still make all kinds of "swag bags" for the HS girls that drive my Freshman daughter to school! I do each and every holiday! I put candy, seasonal tissues, lip gloss, mini~hand sanitizers and all kinds of cute loot in them! That is the great thing about girls, they ALWAYS love the "little," special touches! On super cold mornings I have snowman to go hot cocoa with fresh whipped cream and marshmallows! I have achieved Rock Star status doing these little fun things! And you know it is just as fun for me!!

    I adore your pipe cleaner springs! I shall be stealing that one for the SWAG BAGS for the competition dancers very soon!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  3. I love their treats and hope they have fun. I teach 5th and no party for us. We get two a year...Christmas and end of year. I do sneak in "educational" treats for a valentine math lesson for my students.

  4. Love the treats with the cute little tags and precious pink pipe cleaners!

  5. What an adorable idea!

  6. I bought cute Valentines from Amy Adele for Landon and am making butterflies with lollipops in the center for Coco!

  7. Oh I love these with pipe cleaners. We made wooden hearts painted with our beasties names, bubble wands for classmates and wrapped lotions for teachers. I posted them a few days ago. You always make the prettiest things!



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