Monday, March 12, 2012

Beautiful Day for a Parade

The warm, sunny weather enticed thousands of people to visit downtown Baltimore for yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. What a wonderful way to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day! The parade has a long history and tradition in Baltimore and has been delighting visitors for over 50 years with a celebration of Irish culture, song, and dance. I remember many years ago, as a student at Visitation Academy, that we would march in the parade in our uniforms. It was so much fun.

We found a perfect spot in the sun close to the Washington Monument in the Mount Vernon area of Baltimore and enjoyed watching the staging of the parade before it began. As we ate our chicken salad sandwiches and other snacks, the pink and green leprechaun brought chocolate gold coins to the children as a pre-parade treat.

The bagpipe bridgades are always a crowd favorite. The costumes, complete with kilt and horsehair sporrans, are gorgeous.

Natalia noticed that they had knives on their belts and in their socks. Her reason for this?  "There are dragons in Scotland.  Everybody knows that.  You know, St. George and the Dragon?"  Too funny. 

The Mummers are another parade favorite.  There were strings groups from as far away as Philadelphia.  I wonder how much their costumes weigh? 

My girls love Irish Dance and enjoyed seeing all of the Irish Dance schools perform their steps.  They want to persuade their teacher to participate next year.  Wouldn't that be fun? 

I overheard a little girl asking if Santa Claus was going to come at the end of the parade.  There's no Santa, but there was a friendly leprechaun.

Everyone wore their best green for the celebration including my minnies.  It was funny to see them pile on more and more St. Patrick's Day accessories as they acquired more and more green beads.  The girls' shirts are from Etsy and are embroidered in pink and green. 

I decided to show my spirit with a crisp white Elizabeth McKay tunic embroidered in green and a green clover necklace from Fornash

What a wonderful day!



  1. It seriously is one of the best family-friendly St. Patrick's Day parades in the country! I am so glad you participate in so many Baltimore traditions. The girls look adorable.

  2. It was a great day for a parade, it was nice to see so many out in support!

  3. We were sitting about a block from you in front of the Cardinal's House. He actually came out and greeted everyone and posed for a photos with my boys. We sit in the same spot every year!

  4. @A View from the Sidelines ~ That's so cool! What a great vantage point you had. We always tend to sit in the same place every year, too.

    I love Baltimore!



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