Friday, March 2, 2012


When Alexia got her silver sparkle Sperrys, I asked her if she wanted me to tie the laces in beehives. She didn't quite understand what beehives were and was not too excited about me demonstrating on her brand new shoes.

We were talking about beehives and boat shoes with my Dad. My Dad is so cute; he left the living room for about ten minutes and returned with his Sperry Boat Shoes circa 1983, complete with beehive laces. It didn't do much for the beehive case for Alexia.

But when we went to J. Crew a few days later, every single pair of Sperry Top Siders had laces with beehives. Now, she couldn't wait to get home to get her beehives. "You know Mom, if J. Crew does it, it's cool." Words of wisdom from a 10 year old.

Beehives in J. Crew...

Beehives in Alexia's shoes

By the way, now Alexia says that she wants pink Sperry Top Siders. I've created a fashion monster...and it's so much fun!



  1. We need a tutorial on how to tie them in beehives! :)

  2. We all tied our topsiders like that in the late 70's, but never had a name for the knot. It was the only way to keep them form coming undone if you actually wore them sailing. (double knots were not a notion we were willing to entertain). Glad to see you are bringing back the look!

  3. I knew she would come around! It is the only way to tie those laces, as Pamela said. My trusty pair have been knotted for 10+ years!

  4. This is the second post today talking about beehives!

  5. I LOVE Alexia! J.Crew is the coolest, little lady! :-)

  6. I have lime green sperrys but no beehives :)

  7. I love Sperrys but have never done the beehives, I need to try that! Looks gerat!



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