Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dressing for the Gold Cup

Deciding what to wear to a steeplechase takes careful thought and consideration.  Events such as the Carolina Cup, the Kentucky Derby, and Preakness are many things to many people; and are always much more than the equestrian events. 

Whether you attend the events to tailgate, socialize, or actually watch the horses, what you wear is very important.  This year I'm going to the Virginia Gold Cup and am so excited. 

Top Gold Cup Fashion Tips:
1.  Wedge shoes:  Although heels look great, they're a terrible idea for this kind of event.  Your feet will sink into the green grass at the Great Meadow.  Wedge heels are a great alternative.  Flats and sandals can be cute but remember that there can be mud and lots of dirt.  You don't want your feet to be filthy before lunch!  Watch the weather and bring a pair of wellies if needed. 

2.  Hat and Sunglasses:  Choose a fun hat that reflects your personality, but don't go overboard!  Even with a hat, you'll still need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.  Plus, it's always nice to have that hidden celebrity in disguise look.  People will wonder who you are!

3.  Dress:  Whether you're setting up your own little picnic in the lawn, have a rail side tailgate, or are in a VIP tent on Members Hill, the Gold Cup is an upscale event.  Wear your prettiest, preppiest spring dress.  Lilly Pulitzer and Elizabeth McKay have some great options this spring.  Although afternoon temperatures can get quite warm, especially in the tents, it's a good idea to bring a lightweight cotton cardigan for the morning. 

4.  Bag:  Of course, you'll bring your phone and keys, but be sure to pack some unlikely suspects in your bag for the Gold Cup.  You know how I mentioned that the Gold Cup is upscale?  Well, upscale still means that you'll be using the porta potty, even in the VIP area.  It's a good idea to bring some extra TP.  Not very elegant for me to mention, but important.  You'll also want to bring some sunscreen with you.  Every year, I see people who have had way too much sun and way too much to drink.  That's never a good combination. 

Here's what I'll be wearing to this year's Gold Cup!

Dress, hat, cardigan, shoes

Have you ever been to the Carolina Cup, the Virginia Gold Cup, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, or a similar event?  What did you wear? 

I'd love to feature reader outfits from different events in an upcoming blog post.  Please send me your favorite picture from a steeplechase or horse race and you could be featured later this month!



  1. Love your outfit idea and I saw {via twitter, blog, and facebook photos} a lot of the girls wearing Wellies at the Carolina Cup. Katie at "Let's Be Preppy" wore a darling Lilly dress, with a hat, and her Wellies!

  2. I went to my first "horse event" just this week and saw a few races at Keeneland. It was freezing that day, but I still wore my Lilly! I'll send my pic over! I'll be blogging about it this week. I hope you have a fantastic time at the Gold Cup!

  3. went to the manor races this weekend. wore a pink, green & white flowered sweater, black linen trousers and black & white ballarinas. it was a little chilly, but there were tons of young gals there in sun-dresses.



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