Monday, April 16, 2012

Minnie Paradise

If a paradise existed where both parents and children could enjoy themselves on vacation, then it would be at the Hyatt Chesapeake Bay in Cambridge, Maryland. This resort has everything that children love, without being an over the top Chuck E. Cheese-on-steroids-with-water-nightmare like another place that my children love way more than I do.

The indoor Winter Garden area is so much fun!  The large indoor pool is a huge hit with kids.  My minnies wanted to buy one of the inflatable toys from the towel hut that everyone seemed to have and I'm a sucker, so they got one.  A better solution for the next visit would be to buy an inflatable toy from a store across the road on Route 50 before arriving at the Hyatt.  We spent hours playing and swimming here. 

The programming for children is incredibly well organized.  One day, they played an organized game of sharks and minnows, and on another day, children got free popsicles at the pool.  In the evening, everyone enjoys Dive-In Movies shown on the screen in the pool area. 

The infinity pool offers a gorgeous view of the Choptank River.  There's an outdoor water slide in the heated pool.  The minnies loved the water slide and surprisingly, it was open and full of children when we were there!  According to the girls, the water in the outdoor pool was warmer than the water in the indoor pool. 

Every day, the hotel prints a list of activities for the day. There were special activities every hour! Giant Jenga games, cooking demonstrations, temporary tattoos, roasting S'Mores by the fireplace, and Dive In Movies were some of the girls’ favorites.  My girls are no longer thrilled by a moon bounce, but the tinier children loved it!

Another hit with my crew was cookie decorating in the afternoon. I was extremely impressed with the hotel staff’s organization. For the cookie decorating, the adorable crab cookies were pre-plated with a dollop of icing and a plastic knife to spread the sweet icing. Chocolate sprinkles, candy, nuts, and other toppings lined a table where children decorated their cookies. In every activity we attended, the staff was obviously prepared and well trained to work with children.

The spring weather was also perfect to spend time outdoors!  We played miniature golf and tried frisbee golf at the hotel and explored the edge of the water. 

We even saw a few fish around the marina, too. 

Once we arrived at the hotel, we didn't leave the property until our departure.  The hotel has many dining options and there is an area where families can eat food from inside or outside of the hotel.  There's take out pizza and a cafe with Starbucks coffee and ice cream.  The food prices were reasonable and we ate all of our meals on site. 

The Hyatt Chesapeake Bay is a fantastic option for a quick getaway weekend from Baltimore or Washington, D.C. It's an easy drive and is a nice change of pace from city life. Your kids will thank you for this trip! If you're looking for a romantic getaway, this is probably not the place for you since it really seems to be perfectly suited for families.

We're already planning a return trip! 



  1. What a great place! We went there for a wedding and have been wanting to come back with our kids. It looks like you had a great time!



  2. This is one of our favorite getaway places. Even from NJ it is a short trip. The kids love it, and so do we! Food is excellent!

  3. Wow, this sounds like the place for a family vacation!
    Love the 'Dive In' (how clever!) and all the activities they have available. The cookie decorating would be a big hit with my bunch!

  4. That place looks and sounds amazing. The crab cookies are such a sweet idea.

  5. I stayed there my junior year in high school with my family and we had a blast! Such a great place!

  6. What a fun place for the family! It looks like you all had a perfect vacation!

  7. Those cookies are really cute. Looks like you had a great time with your girls!



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