Monday, April 9, 2012

Mommy and Me Dressing

I love matching outfits!  Even if my girls were not twins, I would dress them alike as often as they would allow it.  When the girls were younger, they matched everything, every day, including their pajamas.  Last year, Alexia in particular, wanted to wear different things, so now the girls match about half of the time.  This is their choice.  Honestly, I think they like to match their outfits because they are so different in personality and appearance, that the matching outfits somehow join them as twins.  Natalia once said to Alexia, while pleading for Alexia to wear the same dress she had chosen, "If you don't match with me, how will people know we are twins!?" 

When I asked the girls if they wanted to match with me for Easter Sunday, the answer was an overwhelming YES from both girls.  I was thrilled by their response.  Mommy and me matching outfits are so adorable and I love to match with my girls.  Yesterday, we all wore Adelson dresses in navy blue and pink from Lilly Pulitzer

It's often difficult to find all of the sizes that we need, especially duplicates of the same size.  Online shopping helps quite a bit and has helped me find so many adorable options. 

Here are some of my favorite Mommy and Me outfit finds.

From Lilly Pulitzer

1, 2
 From Kayce Hughes

3, 4

From Pigtails Clothing
5, 6

From Hanna Andersson

7, 8, 9

What do you think about matching outfits? Did you used to wear matching dresses with your mother or sister? Do you like matching outfits for your children?



  1. A lady and her daughter had on matching Lilly's at church yesterday and I thought they looked adorable. I have never matched my clothes to my daughter but have certainly tried to coordinate before. I think next year we will def have to match!

  2. The three of you look the navy and pink frocks! xx

    ps: Be sure to enter my dress giveaway!

  3. Happy Easter to you! The three of you are beaming in that photo! I have many fond memories of matching Easter dresses with my mother and sister when I was younger (back in the Laura Ashley days!)

  4. Y'all look so pretty! I too love LOVE mommy and me outfits! Such a pretty Easter photo!


  5. You and your girls look fabulous! Thanks so much for including us in your roundup!

  6. Love the navy an pink dress! Y'all are too cute:)



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