Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Preppy Surf

Planning for a vacation is almost as much fun as being on vacation.  This summer, the minnies and I are going to (try to) learn how to surf!  My summer beach and pool wardrobe consists of tunics, bikinis, and tankinis.  They're beautiful by the water, but aren't really meant to stand up for a day on the water or on a board.  Can you imagine surfing in a loose linen or cotton tunic?

Finding cute surf gear for the minnies was easy.  It seems as if every suit comes with a rash guard option and cute board shorts.  Finding something cute, preppy, and age appropriate for me was more of a challenge.

Mostly I was looking for things that would dry quickly, keep me covered, and protect me from the sun.  Of course, adorable preppy design is also important.  Here are my top picks for preppy and functional water sports fashion to look great whether you're on a board or a kayak!

The first picks come from Island Company and Vineyard Vines.  Pair a board skirt or board shorts with a bikini and you're modestly and comfortably covered.

I'm very careful in the strong tropical sun because my sun is so sensitive.  Although I would never think to wear a rash guard at the pool, it's a fantastic idea for water sports or an all day water adventure.  Pair a gorgeous white bikini with a rash guard and pull on board skirt from Athleta and you're ready for anything!

Sometimes a skirt or shorts is too much, but a chic nautical striped rash guard fits the bill perfectly.  I am dreaming of paradise...and this navy striped rash guard from J. Crew.

Have you ever taken surfing lessons?  To be honest, I'm excited and nervous at the same time!  It will certainly be an adventure.  This is going to be a summer full of new adventures!  

Thank you to the wonderful people who took a few seconds to click through to Facebook to vote for my entry in the Elizabeth McKay photo contest.  I'm in 3rd place with a narrow lead and appreciate your on-going support; remember you can vote once every 24 hours.

If everyone who entered the giveaway I hosted for an Elizabeth McKay dress that Preppy Girl Meets World won voted just once, I could secure my position in the contest and I could have the same opportunity to win a fabulous dress from Elizabeth McKay that I gave to you!

Thank you!



  1. I grew up surfing in Florida and you will have a blast. Go for either a fun shape board or a long board and you will stand up easy, no problem! While surfing would go for the shorts over the skirt, I think it would be easier. Have fun!

  2. The J Crew rash guard is beyond adorable! Enjoy your fun new adventure!

  3. I took surf lessons in Hawaii and it was so much fun!! It is definitely an arm workout! I am not athletic at all, and I still had so much fun and they put us on the babiest waves!

    Have fun!!!




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