Thursday, May 3, 2012

Surf Through Spring in Blue

Before I share today's post with you, I want to thank you for the loving support that so many people have sent over the past few days.  Your emails, messages, comments, and tweets mean so much to me.  It is very humbling to read your kind words.  One person who receives the blog via email said that it was as if I was an "old friend sending her an email every day."

Her words really resonated with me.

I hope that you see me as an old friend and that Maryland Pink and Green offers you a little break from your day.  Thank you for reading!

A pop of color makes any day happy, even if there are a few rough waves!  Isn't it amazing how you can change your mood simply by changing your shirt, or adding a bright blue bauble to your ensemble?

Blue is a universally flattering color for every skin tone and give you an instant boost.  I've never seen anyone look bad in a pretty shade of turquoise.

It's ideal to pair with cool neutrals like white and also looks fantastic with warmer tones like beige and camel brown.  But probably my favorite look for blue is a fun contrast of colors.  Turquoise blue and pink are fabulous.  I also adore turquoise paired with bright yellow.  Wouldn't Lilly Pulitzer's Elsa blouse look amazing with yellow colored denim?

Here are some of my favorite ways to add a pop of pretty blue reminiscent of the ocean to any day, even if you're currently landlocked!

ocean blue
The earrings and necklace are simply gorgeous and make a dramatic statement.  Although I love my Modalu Pippa bag in Shark, this blue shade is truly a beauty and will compliment so many things in any wardrobe.  Even the most neutral decor gets a boost from blue with gorgeous accent pieces.  And the lollipop?  It looked so yummy that I couldn't resist.  

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Have a wonderful day! 



  1. 49 days until I leave to summah at my beach home! I.can't.wait! The first 12 days are spent with my two BFF's! Oh the pure Lilly giddy times! So ready to sink my tootsies in the sand!!! Adore that bracelet! Gorgi!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  2. I feel like even though I say pink is my favorite color, it's really aqua! My girls and I (actually my husband too!) have so much of it in our wardrobe and I feel like it brightens up any skin tone and makes eyes pop! I love love my Pippa bag in shark (and receive endless compliments - do you as well?) but agree that the blue would be a nice change!

  3. I wanted to let you know that like so many others, I really enjoy and appreciate reading your blog every day! I know how much time it must take out of your day and each blog is so thoughtful and fun to read. I am so sorry that anyone would ever send rude comments to you! You have inspired me and introduced me to new clothing lines and products that I am now a fan of (EMK, Kayce Hughes)...Please know that your blog is a bright spot in my day!

  4. I like the Casablanca lanterns, they would look perfect on my deck this summer!

  5. Well, we'll let you take a break every now and then!!! Ha! Can't imagine anyone leaving a rude comment...please know that they are the #@$%& ones! I enjoy your blog and am glad that you are not going to stop altogether.

  6. Everyone deserves a break now and then.
    I love those earrings.



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