Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Show Me Your Lilly!

Today's the day to choose your favorite Lilly to wear!  Since I wear Lilly almost every day when I'm not wearing things from my other favorite designers, Kate, Elizabeth, Tracy, and Kayce, today isn't really anything out of the ordinary!

But in honor of today's celebration, I decided to wear a pretty pink and green palette in one of my most cherished prints.  Dirty Shirley is a whimsical pink and green print from Resort 2010.  When I was a little girl, ordering a Shirley Temple in a restaurant was such a special treat.  A Dirty Shirley is a grown up girl's drink...a Shirley Temple with vodka!  Delish!

lilly pulitzer

The Darcia dress is cool and comfy and the ric rac bangle set adds a pop of pink and green.  Gold McKims complete the ensemble!

To add to the Lilly fun today and celebrate the official start of summer, I have a challenge (and the chance to win a prize) for you!  Here's how you can participate.  

1.  Post a picture of you wearing your Lilly on the Maryland Pink and Green Facebook page.  Send your friends to the page to "like" your picture.

2.  Pictures of three different Lilly Lovers will be selected at random tonight at midnight.  

3.  The three winners, announced of the facebook page tomorrow, will each receive a box of Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers, a special edition box that honors Operation Smile.  



  1. You just made my Wednesday a little sweeter!

  2. I can't enter bien sur bc I don't have any Lilly (Sob!). The dress in your post is wonderful though. Could I possibly turn up in the states and claim sartorial asylum?

  3. I know you look adorable in that dirty shirley!! Hugs and love xo

  4. Just got a pair of the McKim's featured in Daiquiri and I love them! great outfit for wear your lilly day!



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