Monday, July 16, 2012

Macaron Trinket Box

Last week, a dear friend and I spent the entire morning browsing local boutiques while our children volunteered at our church's Vacation Bible School.  It seemed strange not to be volunteering, since this other mom and I have helped at church for the past 4 years.  But this year, our children are old enough to volunteer and they jumped at the chance to help.  Christie and I decided to take the morning for ourselves.  Believe it or not, I rarely have time to shop leisurely without my children or demands on my time, so this morning was truly a luxury for me.  Such a treat!

As we browsed, I saw many lovely things, but I couldn't resist the green macaroon trinket box from Two's Company.  Macarons are one of my favorite indulgences, so I was thrilled to find this treasure.  

The trinket box is a lovely place to store earrings, rings, or other small items.  It would even be cute with mints or small candy.

The display for the Macaroon Trinket Boxes is so adorable, too!  If I had an upcoming shower or party, I'd be half tempted to buy the whole box to give as a party favor to guests.  You could put mints inside the box or simply place a note or card in it.  Another fun variation on the party favor theme would be to put fortunes inside the box or numbers for a door prize.  The possibilities are endless!

The macaroon trinket boxes are not readily available in stores or easy to find online.  After quite a bit of searching, I managed to find a link for these cute gifts.  You can buy them online here.



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