Monday, August 13, 2012

Minnie Monday: Fall Fashion

Good morning and happy Monday to you!  My minnies have started to take more of an interest in writing, blogging, and fashion, and asked to contribute to Maryland Pink and Green.  Today will be the first of a series of installments from the minnies!

Meet the minnies, Natalia and Alexia!

Shopping right now for my minnies is somewhat of a challenge.  Gone are the days of simply buying something cute in their size.  Sadly, the days of gorgeous smocked dresses are also long gone.   Brands and sizing for tweens seem to be all over the place and the girls have to try on each item.  In some cases, a girls' XL is too small, but a womens' XS is too big.  This fall is particularly sad because the selection in their size in Lilly Pulitzer clothing is very limited.  Only a few items are being made in girls' XL this season.

Our best finds were from J. Crew's children's line, Crewcuts, Zara, the children's department at Nordstrom, and Vineyard Vines.

When the girls hit about a size 7 or 8, I was traumatized by the "tween" offerings for clothing.  Just because my girls are older does not mean that they want to dress like they're going to a nightclub!  Half shirts, short shorts, and t-shirts with inappropriate slogans will never be appropriate things to wear to school for my girls.

Luckily, it is possible to dress young ladies like, surprise, surprise...young ladies!

After a weekend of back to school clothing and shoe shopping, I interviewed Natalia and Alexia about their favorite finds for fall.

Here's what they had to say.

B:  So it looks like you're ready for school now.  What are your favorite styles that you found in stores now?

N:  For fall, I love to wear tunics with leggings paired with ballet flats or tall boots.  I like to layer different pieces to create a cool and comfortable look.

A:  Some of my favorite styles this fall are colored jeans, flowy printed shirts and tunics, and anything with sparkles.  I really love Sperrys, ballet flats, fuzzy North Face hoodies, and boots.

Here's a cute outfit we found at Vineyard Vines.
B: In every store we visited, the jewelry and accessories department was a must!  How do you accessorize your outfits for fall?

N:  I love to accessorize with scarves, especially my zebra printed scarf from Target.  Sometimes I can borrow my mom's Lilly scarves.  Wink, wink!  I am also loving my new glitter braided bracelet from J. Crew.

A:  Accessories are what make an outfit fun, original, and different from everyone else.  I love patterned laces and belts worn on top of a sweater or over a dress.

B:  The first day of school is almost here!  What do you plan to wear on the first day of school?

N:  On the first day of school, I'm probably going to wear a zebra print skirt with a white tank top and a black cotton short sleeve cardigan sweater.  I'm going to wear black patent slide sandals.  Right now, I love everything with a zebra print!

A:  I drew my first day outfit for you!  The top is from Nordstrom, the colored denim is from the Gap, and the sparkle flats are from Kate Spade.

B:  What are your favorite stores right now?

N & A:  We love to shop at J. Crew in the Crewcuts department, Nordstrom, Forever 21, Target, and Lilly Pulitzer.

B:  Thanks for a great interview girls!

Alexia loves these polka dot embroidered pants from J. Crew!
What are you buying for back to school this year?


  1. You have little fashionistas on your hands! Love it!

  2. SO CUTE! I love the interview, and your girls definitely have a future in fashion!

  3. Ahhhh, let the transitions begin for your girls! My gulp gasp sniffle...SOPHOMORE and I did some serious damage on the shop shop front as well. She has her own swag and I love it! Those accessories get a girl no matter what the age! Don't we all adore our bling!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  4. Your 2 daughters are so lovely and grown-up.They have fabulous taste(it runs in the family)!!Hope they have a great year!

  5. B, this is one of my favorite posts! Your girls are growing up before all of our eyes and learning to express themselves stylistically. They have found some great fall pieces for their wardrobes!

    Side note - I wonder why the LP fall collection has fewer XL offerings. Do you think it is to limit smaller sized women from shopping in the [cheaper] kids section? I found many of the women's fall offerings (and summer for that matter) to be significantly shorter than I find comfortable, and I am only 5'3". They actually may be better for your minnies than us!

  6. Bethany - I love this post!!! Your minis are tres adorable!



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