Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nautical Finds Under $2

Here's a dose of nautical inspiration for a price that you'll love.  Everything featured in today's post costs $1.50 or $1!  Bring a little bit of the sea to your home, whether it's seaside or landlocked.

These nautical hooks measure about 5 inches across.  The sailboat or wheel shapes are perfect for keys, coats, or other small items.  I also love this idea for a child's room to help organize toys.  In a closet, the hooks can help organize belts or bags.  The possibilities are endless.

These little journals are about the half the size of a piece of paper and are perfect for shopping lists, notes, and other important information.  I picked up a few of these for back to school gifts.

In pretty boxes tied with navy blue ribbon, these sets of starfish make a gorgeous presentation and only cost $1! Fill an apothecary jar with oodles of starfish for an interesting nautical centerpiece or display.

Large enough to hang on a wall, these wooden signs would be adorable in a nautical bathroom or small space.

My favorite find were these nautical knot napkin rings.  So chic, but so effortless.  And at only a dollar a piece, you can buy a dozen for your next dinner party!

Small appetizer plates are perfect for late summer parties on the beach or in the backyard.  They're a sturdy and unbreakable material.  Perfect!

You can find all of these gorgeous nautical finds at your local Michael's store!  Happy shopping.  Let me know what you find in your store.



  1. Adorbs! I enjoy getting a tad nauti now and then!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka... Madame Spoiled

  2. Thanks! I loved these goodies...and the price, too!

  3. When I spotted this line at my Michaels earlier in the summer, I stocked up on the sailboat note cards in a few different styles...too cute to pass up!



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