Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your Credit Card Will Be Smoking After Today's Sales

Hopefully you have a nice little shopping slush fund set aside for days just like today.  The amazing sales that are happening today are pretty incredible and I've got your complete shopping summary for the best deals today from Kate Spade, J. Crew, Lilly Pulitzer (and a list of my favorite Signature Stores participating), and Port Windsor.

Get the best scoop here and shop quickly!  These deals won't last long!  Your credit card will be smoking after these sales.

First on the shopping list is the Kate Spade Secret Sale.

Wellesley Rachelle Bag.  This is pretty much the most perfect bag!  And it's at a price that you're going to love.

Green Polka Dot Adira Top.  Kate Spade clothing is an excellent choice for the office.  Just because you wear a suit to the office, courtroom, or classroom doesn't mean that you have to be boring!  Add a pop of color at a great price with this adorable top.

J. Crew offers an additional 30% off final sale items with the code LOVEIT.  I've had a crush on the Pom Pom Shell all summer long, so it's time to take the plunge, especially at this great price.  This will be a great transition piece to wear under cardigans and blazers.

Another fabulous choice from J. Crew's final sale is the Tippi Cardigan in Leopard.  You'll reach for this during all four seasons and will look great!  At around only $35, this is a steal!

Lilly Pulitzer is having an Endless Summer Sale online starting at 8 a.m.  Shop early and often!  For the best results, buy each item individually when you see it.  Don't leave items in a shopping cart because they may disappear before you are able to check out.  Shipping is free at Lilly Pulitzer during this special 3 day event, so don't be afraid to have multiple transactions.

Be sure to check out the new Flash Sales on Facebook every afternoon at 3 p.m.  This is a new feature this year for the Endless Summer Sale.

It's hard to predict what items might be included in this sale, but there are always a few surprises.  I'm hoping to find a tablecloth or blanket that was not originally available in stores.  This picnic blanket would be a great find!

Many Lilly Pulitzer signature stores are also participating in this epic shopping event.  Here's a list of some of my favorite signature stores.  Check each store individually for availability of your wish list items.

- C. Orrico.
- The Pink Crab.  Free shipping over $100.  Kristen is lovely and will help you find the perfect Lilly.
The Pink Door Memphis.  Offers free shipping over $100.
- Village Palm.  Sarah is fabulous and offers great service.

Callahan Shorts for $13!  Ha!  I bet that caught your attention.  As if these sales weren't enough for you, Bloomingdales is having an amazing pre-sale opportunity right now.  These items will be available to take home or send to you, but you can do a pre-sale order at your favorite Bloomingdales now.  Items that are already reduced will be an extra 40% off and then an additional percent off of that.  Long story short, I picked up some Callahan shorts for just over $13 each!

Do you need some tunics to round out your summer wardrobe?  Pick up a tunic from Port Winsor during their end of the season sale.  Tunics are 40% off retail!  I love the Wellesley Tunic.

So tell me, where are you shopping today?  Please let me know what great items you find.  If you have another favorite store or sale, please leave a comment and add it to the list.  

Happy Shopping!



  1. Hey :) you have bought a couple of nice items :) I usually go to stores like bloomingdales in germany and find a lot of great stuff
    check them out in my blog
    xoxo dvb

  2. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I am very confused on how to find the $13 shorts! I love me some Callahans and would love some more! Can you help me?! XO!

  3. i am so disappointed in the fiasco that LP had today! such a disaster. hope you scored some cute stuff!

  4. Hi Meme~ You can call your favorite Bloomingdales to ask to buy the shorts during the pre-sale since the regular sale starts tomorrow. Hope you find some great things.

  5. Really wish west coast Bloomingdales carried Lilly :( Those shorts are a steal for $13!



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