Monday, October 8, 2012

Knot:ical Rope Bracelets

Nautical rope bracelets are perfect for any time of the year.  Earlier this year, I introduced you to Knot:ical and their amazing rope bracelets.  I adore my thick rope bracelet, but was thrilled to see the addition of skinny rope nautical bracelets.

The Clemson Game Day Rope Bracelet is perfect by itself, but will look great styled with lots of other orange bangles.  I'll be sure to post pictures of what I wear at the homecoming game next month!  There are many other universities included in the game day collection, so check it out to see if your favorite school is included.  

The sweet people at Knot:ical sent the minnies each a bracelet and it was love at first sight for the girls.  In Alexia's case in particular, her Knot:ical rope bracelet is part of her every day collection of jewelry and in her words, "matches with everything!"  

Natalia chose a pretty turquoise and navy blue for her rope bracelet.  She wears it with everything from bright blue to neutral navy.  She chose to wear it on picture day this year because it complements her eyes!  

Every bracelet from Knot:ical arrives ready for gift giving in a gorgeous pouch tied with a ribbon.  There's a sea shell in the bag to remind you of summer.  Choose one of the many options on their website or create your own personalized bracelet.  

Which rope bracelet is your favorite?


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