Friday, October 12, 2012

October Weekend

Fall is so beautiful!  I love to see the changing colors of the landscape and feel the warm sun on a cool, crisp day.  This year, football and festivals seem to be a recurring theme for my fall weekends.  The girls perform at a football game every weekend for middle school boys and we also like to go to high school football games!  There's also a festival of some kind every weekend.

This month, the boys' and girls' JV teams are showing their support of breast cancer awareness by wearing splashes of pink at the games.  Even the referees showed their spirit with pink Gatorade!  They were thrilled to pose for my picture.  So cute.

Our bake sale raised nearly $500 for the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund, a local fund where 100% of donations are used for patient benefit; there are no administrative costs.  Many of the sweet treats were pink!  I made my semi-famous mini whoopie pies.

Alexia's art class created this pink ribbon to help Erase Breast Cancer.  Students attached pink erasers and wrote their messages of hope on the huge ribbon.  This ribbon and others created by local artists will be auctioned at the Pink Ribbon Gala this Saturday.  Fingers crossed that the bidding goes well!

Here's the phantom of the opera!  Spooky signs of Halloween are everywhere.  Local businesses displayed pumpkins, scarecrows and other displays at an evening event.  The minnies got a jump start on their trick or treating and we visited a child-friendly not so scary haunted house.

Chic to Chic, one of my sweet friend's stores, displayed this chic polka dotted pumpkin.

This display scared me!  It took me a while to realize that the window display was alive.

Another weekend of football and festivals is just around the corner for us!  How are you enjoying fall?  I'd love to hear what fun things are happening where you live.  



  1. Fall is the best time of year! Oyster Roast and Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival here in Charlotte this weekend! :)

  2. That eraser sculpture is so creative, what a wonderful way for the class to work together! My weekends have involved much of the same as yours with the addition of making every pumpkin recipe I can get my hands on. My agenda for this weekend includes a haunted forest with plenty of baseball and football!



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