Monday, November 12, 2012

Clemson Homecoming

70 degrees, tailgating, and football!  It was a perfect weekend to make a visit to Clemson for their Homecoming game.  On Friday, we arrived just in time to go to dinner and enjoy the company of good friends at TD's.

Although the game didn't start until 3:30, our day on Saturday started early.  The tailgate parties at Clemson are quite legendary.  Southern Living Magazine crowned Clemson with the title of the South's Best Tailgate. With more than half a million votes cast in the contest, this is a huge victory.  Many people enjoyed their tailgates before, during, and after the game!

During the week before Homecoming weekend, fraternities, sororities, and other organizations work skillfully to create amazing displays.  These floats are proudly presented on Bowman Field to be judged and enjoyed by the public.  The attention to detail and structure of the floats is unbelievable, especially considering that they are made almost entirely with chicken wire and pomp!  This float is from Sigma Nu and won first place in it's category.

As we walked to our seats and kept getting lower and lower at Memorial Stadium, I was amazed at the fabulous view!  John did a great job with the tickets, don't you think?  We could practically touch the tiger mascot and some people in front of us gave their baby to the tiger for a cute photo op.

By the way, I am wearing orange, you just can't see it in the picture!  After quite a few wardrobe changes, I ended up with a Kayce Hughes blouse with bright orange Minnie pants from J. Crew paired with some tall boots.

Tradition is important at Clemson.  I loved seeing the players rub Howard's Rock from Death Valley before running down the hill of the stadium.  The energy of the crowd was unlike anything else that I have ever experienced.

Here we are celebrating a touchdown!  From the Tiger Rag, the Song that Shakes the Southland to the Rally Cats and their sequined costumes, the support for the team is so powerful.  The minnies really loved the sequined Rally Cat costumes!

The Tigers had an easy victory for Homecoming and the fans were thrilled.  It was a fantastic weekend!

What do you love about college football games?


  1. I totally forgot you were going to the Clemson game! Husband and daughter were there, I ended up staying home with our teenage son, who wasn't interested in going. I LOVE game day in Clemson! I grew up right down the road from there so I spent many a saturday tailgating.

  2. Such a treat to see you in our ruffle blouse!



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