Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mini Boden and the Little Jacket that Couldn't

Let me start by saying that I love Mini Boden.  I've been buying their clothes for the minnies at Nordstrom for years and have always been impressed with the quality and design.

The catalog is always a special treat, too.  So when I received an email about a pre-season discount code for Mini Boden, I decided to use the opportunity to buy winter coats for the minnies.

This was in September.

I purchased the Duffle Coat for the minnies even though it had a 6 week wait time.  Since it was mid-September, I figured that it would arrive in plenty of time to greet the colder temperatures.

This is the only Mini Boden duffle coat my girls will have...a drawing.

Now you know that I shop a lot and that I'm never deterred by wait times or pre-sales.  I waited quite a while for my Modalu Pippa bag and always order some Lilly Pulitzer from pre-season trunk sales.  There are even quite a few Kindle books in queue right now.

But let's get back to my sad Duffle Coat story.

I received an email late in October stating that my order had been shipped and that I should expect it in about 2 days.

After checking the mail eagerly for days without finding the coat, I was getting concerned.  So I called Boden's customer service line and asked about the status of the order and mentioned the shipping email I had received.  The customer service representative was friendly and told me that the coats had shipped from the UK and that the shipping time was 10 days, not 2 days.

So I called Boden again after the 10 business days and was told that my order had shipped from the US, not the UK and that it should have arrived by now.  Boden does not have tracking numbers for their shipments and could not locate the package.

The customer service representative could not send me a replacement for the girls because the coat is sold out now in every color in their size.

I'm very disappointed that the package never arrived and that there was no way to track it.

Do you have any suggestions for a traditional toggle or pea coat for minnies under $100?   I'm searching to find a replacement because the girls need a new coat this year; they're growing so quickly.



  1. Oh no! Have you checked places like Old Navy? They always seem to have cute but affordable coats. This past January UPS lost a bathing suit bottom that I ordered from the Lilly sale...I was so bummed because I wanted it for my honeymoon!

  2. Oh my goodness, how frustrating! You would think they would give tracking numbers, especially for a clothing business. Good luck finding more coats.

  3. That is so frustrating. I hate it when good companies have bad customer service.

  4. I hope they refunded you! You never know when things get lost and then show up weeks later.. fingers crossed.



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