Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Look for Less: J. Crew Minnie

One pair costs $90.  The other costs $20.  Find out how to get the look for less!

When something fits me well, I tend to buy it in every color possible.  At 5'4" on a good day with lots of curves, it's particularly difficult to find pants that are a good length and fit for me.  I've been loving the J. Crew Minnie pants for a while and end up getting at least one color every season.  But the price of the Minnies stops me from buying them in bulk. 

Oh yes, I could write an ode to these perfect pants.  They stretch perfectly to fit without stretching out in an hour and hit just at the ankle.  Love.  But $90+ for everyday pants is not in the budget. 

When I discovered the Winnie pants at J. Crew Factory, I was thrilled!  The price point is a little bit better than the Minnie pants, at about 20% less than the regular retail price.  I have both Minnie and Winnie pants.  They fit exactly the same and the quality is comparable.  I can tell the difference only by looking at the tag; outlet tags from J. Crew have a diamond on them, J. Crew store tags do not have a diamond.

But imagine my surprise and delight when I found the same style of pant in the same fit for a fantastic price this weekend at Target!   Enter the Mossimo Ankle Stretch Pant (Fit 3), which is a dream pant.  The pants fit exactly like the Minnie/Winnie and have a look that is similar to the Cafe Capri with side pockets that are sewn shut and a button waist.  Available in a wide array of colors, you can afford to buy multiples at an amazing price of $20.


  1. I'm also a huge Minnie/Winnie fan and I had wondered about those Target pants because they come in such fun colors!

  2. The J. Crew pants are my favorite! I'll have to try the Target ones.

    Thank you for following! I've read your blog for quite some time now!

  3. Great post! I'll have to stop by Target soon now!

  4. I spotted those at Target this weekend but did not have time to try them on. I will be back to give it a whirl!

  5. I'm wearing the Target pants in coral right now and LOVE them! :)

  6. Just ordered a pair of Winnies the other day, but will have to check the Target version soon. Thanks for the PSA!

  7. I just tried on a pair of Minnie's at J.Crew and unfortunately left without getting them.. I'll definitely be headed to Target after work tomorrow to try these!

  8. I just got some Winnie's! I tried the target pants but the thinner waistband just doesn't work on me. Such a shame!



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