Sunday, December 9, 2012

Minnie Lilly Holiday

Have you seen all the adorable pint sized holiday dresses at Lilly Pulitzer?

The little bows, lace trim and sweet patterns just make you smile. I brought my 6-year-old fashionista and two of her pals along for a little dress-up fun.

The dresses are gorgeous on the hangers. But, there's just something magical about seeing them come to life!

Brynne is wearing the timeless Little Cerise dress with gold lace trim.

It's not too often that you can say kitty-cat and sophisticated in the same sentence! Samara is showcasing the black and white cat patterned Little Cerise dress in the "Fancy Fest" print, adorned with a pink rosette.

Nia is modeling the Mini Evie Dress in Kissy Pink, complete with lace detailing and a bow.

Now, for an outfit change. This time, we went for more pattern! Check out these sassy little looks!

Nia is strutting a Little Lilly Classic Shift with a whimsical elephant print called "Tusk In Sun." We topped her look with the Little Vera Bolero in gold and a trio of the kind of bangles she would have to borrow from Mom.

Samara is donning the sassy Rita Sweaterdress. Every ounce of this little number is about adorable detail — with the ruffled sleeves, the bow and the dotted skirt. Samara wanted to wear this one home!

Lilly also offers coordinating Mother-Daughter dresses. Pucker up to this little navy and hot pink lip patterned Mini Evie dress and it's coordinating one for Mom. Love the name of this print. It's "True Navy Don't Give Me Lip Jacquard!"

The girls really hammed it up for their photo shoot. 

Do you have your holiday outfits picked out? Let me know if I can help!
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