Friday, December 7, 2012

Track All of Your Packages in One Spot

You've shopped on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all year long.  Normally, I open a box as soon as it arrives to see the goodies inside the package.  In my house, there are as many "good mail days" as there are good hair days.  Opening packages is a highlight of the day.  However, during the holiday season, I hurry upstairs with the packages of the day and throw them in a closet, away from the curious eyes of little minnies.

As soon as the closet starts to look like a scary episode of Hoarders, I begin to go through the packages after the girls have gone to bed.  But it's interesting to note that sometimes I don't have any idea what I'm opening and often I don't even remember when I ordered something.  Has this happened to you?  With differences in shipping times and small sellers on Etsy and ebay who ship in nondescript boxes that don't provide any clues about the contents, it's tough to keep track of all of the purchases.

Luckily for holiday shoppers and year round shopaholics, there's a simple way to organize and track everything that you buy online in one spot!  Slice is a fun website where you can manage your purchases and set alerts to find out when the price of an item drops.  

To use the website, simply enter the email address where you receive purchasing and shipping confirmations and the website does the rest.  You can even see spending patterns over long or short periods of time, including your top merchants and spending by category.  I do have to confess that it's a little scary to see the total amount of money that has been spent!   You can see that I love travel and entertainment even more than I like clothing.

You can check the shipping status of recent orders from multiple merchants and shipping companies on one screen.  Only a Type A travel planner buys Christmas tickets in August...but I wanted the best seats!  

Slice pulls up current and past orders through your email, so it's not too late to get track and organize purchases you have already made.  I think you're going to love it.

How do you organize your holiday purchases?  Leave a comment to share your favorite strategies to keep presents organized and hidden from curious eyes.

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Have a gorgeous day!  TGIF!


  1. Thank you for sharing Slice!!!
    I online shop A LOT (maybe too much) so this tool is perfect!

  2. I am glad you shared this! I love tracking my packages and this makes it so much easier. But, I just found how much I've spent in the last year and now I know for sure that I have to reign in my spending.



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