Thursday, January 24, 2013

100's of Tags and Catalogs

Do you save the hang tags from your clothing?  I do!  In fact, I have cataloged so much of my wardrobe on a spreadsheet with prices along with the style and print name.  It's helpful for me to keep an inventory of what I have and actually is a good way to keep my spending in line.  After a Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale, I discovered that I had purchased duplicate items that were still new with tags in the closet.  Oooops.  Time to start a spreadsheet.

One year when my girls were in elementary school, they had to bring in 100 pieces of something to celebrate the 100th day of school.  Both girls immediately suggested that they bring 100 Lilly hang tags to school with them.  I can only imagine what their teacher thought!  And luckily for my girls, I had 100 of the older white Lilly Pulitzer tags with the palm tree logo as well as 100 of the newer pink and green tags.

In addition to the hang tags, I also save Lilly Pulitzer catalogs from season to season.  They're great resources for print and style names.  Whenever I want to remember the name of a print or find out when a particular item was sold, I simply consult the catalog.

The catalog photography is gorgeous and provides so much inspiration.  I have the Kiera dress pictured on the cover of the catalog and love the background wall of peonies behind the model.  The gorgeous white against the pink flowers inspired an idea for my wedding!

My favorite catalogs are from the 50th Year Jubilee celebration.  I particularly love the Retrospective book with vintage photos and stories about Lilly Pulitzer.  Here's one of my favorite pictures of Lilly in her original Palm Beach shop.

Do you save the hang tags from your clothing?  Do you organize your wardrobe on a spreadsheet?  Please tell me I'm not the only one with this borderline obsession.  


  1. I don't keep track of what I own, but I do keep a list of "holes" in my wardrobe and a list of things I want most right underneath it. That way I try to fill the gaps in my wardrobe without buying things that are too similar to what I own (unless I want duplicates).

  2. I also keep all my Lilly tags and recently threw out all my old Lilly catalogs. I just didn't have room anymore! I did love using them as reference as you do. My favorite was ALSO the Jubilee catalog!

  3. I am amazed and impressed by your organization! I do not have enough clothes to require a spreadsheet (wish I did!). I used to keep the Lilly tags and catalogs, but I did not use them for anything so off they went.

    I moved a year and a half ago and boy, what a wake up call to all of the things I had sitting around that I did not need! I have tried to purge and reorganize every few months since to keep a better handle on things. If things pile up too much, I toss everything and regret it later!

  4.! I have a gorgeous hand it crystal vase on my night table that is stuuuuuuffed with Lilly tags. The catalogs are stacked on my coffee table. I did laminate some of my favorite catalog photos and they are hung in my personal Pink craft/office room. And yes, the walls are painted pink and green! I may or may not have a pr-lit palm tree in there as well! Lol! I would have squealed with glee at the Lilly tag 100 day collection!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  5. You know I do!! Every catalog since Spring 01 and enough tags to build a house :)

  6. I keep tags for a while but when they start to pile up I toss a bunch-- you're right, it does keep me in check about how much I'm spending but then I feel guilty! :P Reading the new Lilly Pulitzer biography has inspired me to keep all of the catalogues from now on too... it'll be so fun to look back at them years from now and see what has changed but {hopefully} how classic the brand has stayed!

  7. Oh and forgot to add, I definitely organize my wardrobe on a spreadsheet :)



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