Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dylan's Candy Bar New York

Dylan's Candy Bar is a 3 level sugar coated candy heaven for both children and adults.  We stopped in for a little snack in the Candy Cafe and were impressed by the wonderful experience.  In fact, when I asked the girls about their favorite meal in New York, the treats from Dylan's Candy Bar were at the top of their list.

The life size cupcake booths are adorably sweet and luckily one was open for us!

We tried some ice cream sundae cones and pizza!  The frozen hot cocoa is also delicious.  There's even a Candy BAR for weary Mommies and Daddies who are along for the ride.  How about a Pop Rocks Explosion Cocktail?   Amazingly, the prices in the cafe were among the least expensive prices we paid on the entire trip.

The candy steps hypnotize and delight visitors at Dylan's Candy Bar!

With three floors of specialty treats including bulk candy, boxed, candy, a chocolate fountain, and more, there's something for everyone.  I love the wide variety of retro candy on the lower level at Dylan's Candy Bar.  The unique flavors of Dylan's Candy Bars are also a special treat that I recommend.

On the train ride home, the girls made friends with two younger boys who were sitting across the aisle from us.  The boys both had bags from Dylan's Candy Bar and said that it was the highlight of their trip!  That's universal appeal.


Practical Information
Dylan's Candy Bar is located across from Bloomingdale's at 1011 3rd Avenue between 60th and 61st Street.  


  1. Dylan's is so on my bucket list! What a fun experience for you and your girls! xx

  2. Just ran across your blog today and I'm loving it!! I'm also a mommy of twin girls, and my sorority colors were pink and green - so of course I'm an automatic fan! :)

  3. Always looking for fun things to do in NYC with the kids beside 2 little girls I have 3 boys and that is something they would ALL like. Although I am looking forward to the girls being old enough to take the away for an Eloise weekend at the plaza! However I don' want to rush the precious moments I have with them now.

    Ahh are you going back up there to Kleinfelds?! I have never been there only having seen it on tv I wonder if it is a magical special as they make it look. I wonder what is the REAL price people spend on there wedding dress. Mine was around $1500 but it was in '96. I only wore it for the few hours and although I was just as in love with it then as I was my fiance, after that day it collected dust in my mothers home till she I believe gave it to goodwill.



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