Friday, January 18, 2013

Must Read Book for Tweens from American Girl

In mid-February 2013, American Girl will introduce The Care and Keeping of You 2:  The Body Book for Older Girls- the follow up to its bestselling advice book.  Written by board certified pediatrician Cara Natterson, M.D., the new guide focuses on the physical and emotional changes girls ages 10 and up face during puberty.

If you're my age, you probably remember reading Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret as a young girl.  To this day, that book still resonates with me.  I think that I must have read that book a dozen or more times.  Oh how I would have loved to have had a factual, non-fiction book with real information about what was happening at that time!  Luckily, our daughters can read a classic and a new book to help them navigate the pre-teen  years.

My friends at American Girl sent a preview copy of the book to the minnies and me.  From one mom to another, I have to tell you that this book is a winner for girls ages 10 and up.  The girls loved the first book and are already enjoying this newest update.  Given the ever present pressures and influences placed on growing girls today, this book is a valuable resource to give them the tools and tackle their questions and concerns about their changing bodies.

The book encourages conversation between girls and their mothers and guides girls on how to talk to their parents or other trusted adults about their questions and worries about growing up.  Throughout the book, factual information is presented to girls in an easy to understand format.  Parents looking for additional information and conversation starters to help them talk to their daughters about the topics raised in the book can visit American Girl's website, where they'll find an author interview with Dr. Natterson.

Alexia is going to follow up to this post with her review of The Care and Keeping of You 2!  Stay tuned for her review next week.  


  1. I read the first one when I was a tween! I also read "The Body Book" (not by American Girl), and like you said would read it over and over again

  2. I read Are You There God... many many years ago....

    My three daughters had the Care and Keeping of You books. Great books... a lot of help and good info. for girls.

  3. Oh my gosh I grew up with the original American Girl You book-- too funny! Have to say, it really was a lifesaver, will be great for your minnies :)



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