Monday, January 7, 2013

New York C. Wonder Visit

You might have seen the instagram picture of the green chevron scooter I spotted at the C. Wonder store in Columbus Circle in New York.  The store is a whimsical explosion of color and fun!  With preppy chevron stripes, equestrian prints, faux fur, and oodles of bright bangles, the store is a one stop shop for preppy fashionistas. 

Practically everything in the store can be monogrammed in a dizzying array of choices of font, monogram style, and color!  I am like a kid in a candy store at C. Wonder.  The prices of everything are so reasonable, too. 

C. Wonder is artfully decorated and has amazing displays.  The ikat plates are some of my favorite C. Wonder items.  I think that C. Wonder should offer a wedding registry! 

Natalia loves zebras and wanted her picture in front of this colorful zebra.  So happy!

I'm a huge fan of anything with an elephant andpromptly fell in love with this ikat happy elephant plate

Teapots and tea cups illuminate the home and decor department of C. Wonder.  So whimsical and fun. 

Even if you're not trying on clothing at C. Wonder, you must stop by the dressing rooms!  The adorable decor is an inviting spot, but the dressing rooms are a treat.  In each dressing room, there's a control panel that allows you to adjust the sound, lighting, type of music, and music volume.  The minnies came in the dressing room with me and were delighted by the fun options. 

C. Wonder has fabulous options for birthdays, hostess gifts, or for any occasion.  The store is located at the Shops at Columbus Circle on the second floor. 

What is your favorite item from C. Wonder?  Have you visited a C. Wonder store?



  1. I visited the store while visiting New York in November and was thrilled with the offerings and the fun decor of the store! Fingers crossed for a store in Baltimore!

  2. Oh yes...I have visited and I like a lot of his things. I just feel so guilty though because I am a huge Tory Burch fan and since he's her ex-husband I feel like I'm 'cheating' on her.

  3. I was just there over New Year's - and I loved it.



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