Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New York Hotel Rooms for Families

I can’t open my suitcase! This was the phrase of my birthday weekend in New York last summer. Although we stayed in a well-known Midtown Manhattan luxury hotel, the room was so small that I actually laughed out loud when I opened the door and saw the accommodations.  Quite literally, I didn't even have space to fully open my suitcase in the room unless I put it on the bed.

Hotel rooms in New York City are notoriously small. I know that space is a premium in the big city. But I knew that I didn’t want to repeat a long weekend in a shoebox, especially with the minnies in tow on this occasion, I started to investigate options for a suite.

There are many suite and tower options in New York, but the prices of some of those rooms during Christmas would severely limit my shopping budget, so I kept looking for the right room.

And wow, did I strike hotel suite gold!

The Barclay Intercontinental is a gorgeous hotel that is just across the street from the Waldorf Astoria. The facilities are gorgeous and the lobby looked spectacular.

When we got to the room, I was truly amazed. We had a three room suite. In New York City.  At a price that was substantially lower than other tower rooms I had investigated.

The suite actually consisted of two separate rooms, a standard hotel room, and a suite. The master suite had a king sized bed and luxury bathroom, complete with amenities from Gilchrest and Soames, bathrobes, and slippers. The separate living room area was spacious with a couch, sitting area, desk, and television. The second bedroom had another king bed and separate bathroom. Amazing. This configuration is ideal for large families traveling to New York who want ample space for everyone in the party.

Here I am peeking out from behind the door of the second bedroom!

The minnies enjoy room service in the living room! Such a fun treat. Natalia said that she felt like Eloise!!

The hotel is a comfortable walking distance from Times Square and Rockefeller Center!  Where do you like to stay in New York?


  1. The last time I went we stayed at the Affinia Dumont on 34th street in Murray Hill. It was off the beaten path, but just down from a subway station so we could easily get to where ever we wanted to go. The prices were great and the rooms were a good size! My room had two queen beds, unheard of in NYC, and my mom and sister shared a suite with a bedroom with two queens and a living room with sleeper, plus a full size kitchen! Oh, and I had a full size kitchen in my room too! I've also stayed at the Westin off Broadway, The Michaelangelo, both were nice but itty bitty rooms! I am going to make note of your recommendation!

  2. I have been in New York once and I stayed in a hotel in New Jersey. It was a lot cheaper (I went there with friends and they wanted it to be as cheap as possible). Next time i will stay in a better hotel..hopefully :)
    I really liked the room, it's nice :)

    xo dVb

  3. I understand I travel with 7 so we have to find big places we always stay outside the city to afford the room. I will look into some of these in the city cites being posted! I hate traveling in and out of there. I would much rather be downtown.



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