Monday, February 25, 2013

Tea for Three

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. ~ Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

Two of my dear friends enjoyed afternoon tea with me this weekend.  We went to the Serenity Tea Room, a delightful tea room that seats around 20 people.  The extensive tea menu features over 50 different herbal, green, and black teas.  Unlike other tea rooms I've visited in the past, you are able to try more than one type of tea at Serenity.  With every new pot of tea, you can choose a new flavor to enjoy. 

We decided to do the High Tea option that added a bowl of homemade soup to the meal.  Although it was difficult to choose between butternut squash, white chicken chili, and tortilla soup, I choose the tortilla soup that had a nice bite to it. 

Then the three tier tower of treats arrived at our table to tempt our senses. 

The savory tea sandwiches lined the first layer of the tray.  We each sampled six different sandwiches.  My favorite was the chicken salad sandwich.  There were traditional cucumber sandwiches, heart shaped pesto crostinis, turkey sandwiches, egg salad, and more.  All of the pastries, sandwiches, jellies, jams, and scones are made in house. 

The cherry white chocolate scone was amazing!  We chose a selection of mixed berry jam, lemon curd, and traditional clottted cream to accompany the delicious scones. 

Anyone who thinks that tea is a light meal underestimates the power of tiny sandwiches!  By the time we were ready to sample the top tier of sweets, I was getting full.  But luckily I managed to find room for these delicious tarts, tea cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries.   The best tart was a chocolate avocado mousse in a crispy tart shell.  Pure heaven. 

It was a lovely afternoon spent with sweet friends.  Tea is one of my favorite simple pleasures. 

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