Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Classroom Fiesta

My AP Spanish students are working so diligently to prepare for the AP test in May.  The 19 students in the class are taking a high school course that is equivalent to a 300 level college course in Spanish.  The workload for them (and me!) is a daunting task, but the positive attitude of the students and their dedication to Spanish makes the course a joy to teach. 

So whenever I can add a little bit of fun to the rigor of the daily activities, I happily take that opportunity. 

Students enjoyed Valentine's Day treats with some printables in Spanish while practicing their reading and listening comprehension. 

Here's a little glimpse of the party...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!  Wishing you a wonderful day.  


  1. Can I be in your Spanish class? As I type I should be finishing a reading from Cronicas de un muerta anunciada or working on the analysis to go along with it... #SpanishMajorProblems. But I'm sure those sweet treats would make the work a little easier!

  2. I agree I would love t be in your class. Looks fun! I too will be in Spanish class all night but with out cookies. No romantic dinner or fiesta for us. Just working n the future of probability in the present and past. Fun Fun

  3. How fun!! Everything looks adorable (and delicious).



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