Monday, March 11, 2013

Restaurant Week & Early Spring

In Maryland, anything can happen in the spring.  Last week is a perfect example of the crazy spring weather in the Old Line State.  The minnies and I enjoyed a snow day on Wednesday and were loving the 65 degree weather on Saturday.  Signs of spring are everywhere and we decided to take a stroll through the historic district downtown to soak up the sunshine!  

Beautiful flowers sprout from the dry grass that still looks brown from the winter.  

Little secret gardens are everywhere!  Natalia and Alexia are taking a break from our walk.  Natalia is wearing a dress from Nordstrom and sparkle Sperrys.  Alexia is wearing a blouse from Kayce Hughes with Target jeans and pink UGGS.  

To make out adventure even sweeter, we decided to visit Isabella's, one of my favorite local tapas restaurants.  It was Restaurant Week, too, and the pre-selected menu was fabulous.  I chose the 3 course lunch that started with fried asparagus in a sweet aioli sauce.  Unfortunately, the minnies started to devour the  asparagus before I could snap a picture for you.  This is one of our favorite tapas choices at Isabella's.  So delicious.  

The next course was a filet mignon in a coffee reduction glaze, served with mashed potatoes and asparagus.  Perfection.

For dessert, we all chose the ice cream sampler.  The homemade ice creams included Oreo, butter pecan, banana, strawberry, spice cake, and coffee.  Needless to say, those didn't last long on our plates.  

I love visiting favorite restaurants and trying new foods at new restaurants during Restaurant Week.  It's a great value and offers a chance to try new combinations or menu items that you would not have considered.  

After our lunch, we continued our stroll through town, dotting in and out of antique shops.  The minnies love to look for antiques and are experts at finding my favorite collectibles.  "Look, Mommy, there's a blue Wedgwood plate.  And over there is a Herend bunny.  Do you need more Fenton glass?"  Too funny!  

How did you enjoy this weekend?  


  1. That food looks delish I will have to try!

    We too had the crazy weather in PA. 6+ inches on Wed and 60's over the weekend! Ah Mr. Groundhog.

    What do you do with the girls clothes after they are done? I buy a lot of clothes for mine off of ebay. I get great designer at such a discount. I also have a friend whose daughter is a few years older than my oldest and a Lilly lover. She is a priceless friend and my girls have a larger Lilly wardrobe than me?! With my two the clothes, even the nicest ones have gone through 2 and sometimes 3 girls so they are pretty well worn and I am able to sell them off as play clothes on the facebook yardsale sites or drop them in the boxes around town. I found a wonder and very rich lady who happens to have a daughter with the same name as my youngest and we both are crazy about monogrammed clothes. She buys clothes I could never afford and then sells them to me for still quite a pretty penny but nothing like the retail and they are always in the best shape. I am so luck to have found her also. For some of my kids onetime wear outfits that I have got for the boys or girls, for example for holiday pictures I do resell those on ebay too. Kids clothing is such a large expenses and they grow so quick. Just curious as to what you do?

  2. I Love Restaurant Week, it relly is such a great way to try new local restaurants. That ice cream sampler looks amazing, and so fun!



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