Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nautical Invitation

It's in the mail!  The wedding invitations are in the mail and I'm so thrilled to share the design with you.  After pouring through dozens of designs and different kinds of paper, I felt a little overwhelmed with the choices.  I knew that I wanted a nautical theme and planned to incorporate navy and pink into the invitation.

Luckily, my mother is amazing when it comes to all things paper.  We're actually paper aficionadas and adore beautiful paper.  I had considered letterpress invitations, but since our wedding is relatively small, it didn't make sense to go through the process of letterpress for a small number of invitations.  I knew that I also wanted to personalize the invitations to a high degree.

My mother designed and made the invitations.  This allowed us to choose just the right paper and special touches.  The invitation has an inner and an outer envelope.  I love the clean look of a wedding invitation with two envelopes.  A navy blue grosgrain ribbon embellishes this two layer combination of delicate vellum and Crane paper.   Did you know that you can use Crane paper and envelopes for all of your personal printing needs?  It's amazing quality and allows you a lot of personal freedom to use your own design.

I also really love the pink anchor and plan to incorporate the design into other printable items for the wedding.

Each guest receives a personalized response card.  We're offering quite a few menu choices to our guests.  What else would we serve at a summer Maryland wedding besides crab cakes and other delicious options, right?  The reply cards are all personalized in order to help us track response cards easily.  Organizing the place cards will be a breeze.  If you've ever had a guest send a reply card without a name, you'll appreciate the value of this personalized touch!  

Stay tuned for more fun details about the wedding.  Planning for the final touches is in full swing now.  This weekend is my bridal shower and I am so eager to spend the day with family and friends.  


  1. What a great invite, and I love that you included the children's choices...Jim and I did that too because my son was five and I knew he wouldn't want what we were serving...The little extras really help to make everything go smoothly, don't they? Much mazel on a beautiful day and a beautiful life with happy for you!

  2. Those are beautiful invitations. I love how you personalized the reply cards. That is so pretty and genius. We definitely got some reply cards without names on them back.

  3. Beautiful! I love the response card personalization. Best wishes!!!

  4. These are gorgeous! Your mom did an amazing job, so beautiful. I can't wait to see pictures!

  5. These are beautiful invitations and I cannot believe what a great job your mother did!



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