Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When to Wear White

Memorial Day until Labor Day.  

It's not a lot of time at all.  If I look at my wardrobe, it makes me think that I should move to a warmer climate.  There are enough shifts and pretty dresses to change clothes several times a day during the summer without repeating an outfit.  Meanwhile, the weather in Maryland is not cooperating with me lately and I only seem to be able to wear summer clothes from May until early September.

And don't get me started on the white.  I love the look of crisp white jeans, especially when they're paired with a pretty nautical blouse or with a bright top.  So I decided to change a long standing rule and break out the white before Memorial Day.  I figure that Maryland is close enough to being a southern state that it would be ok.  My new rule is that I'll start to wear white after Easter.

Imagine the possibilities...crisp white jeans...white on white Jack Rogers Navajo sandals...a pretty white sundress...

Here's the outfit that inspired me to wear white now:  

I'm wearing white jeans and a nautical anchor top, both from J. Crew.  I bought the top last year in J. Crew, but there's a very similar top right now in J. Crew Factory stores.  The shoes are Milly for Sperry Top Sider.      Bangles always add a pop of color to my outfit.  Today's bangles are from knot:ical and Fornash.

When do you pull the pretty whites out of your closet?


  1. I am from California and they wear white much longer there. I need white jeans! Love that Pink Elephant ottoman.

  2. I'm from North Carolina and I've moved to white jeans Easter-September 30, seersucker, linen and all other white bottoms, MDW-LDW. I also think that white jeans are acceptable on Mardi Gras, but I don't know why. My rules are completely arbitrary!

  3. Easter is our rule for all bright Lilly, white, seersucker, etc. If Memorial Day was the start of the season, you wouldn't see a single seersucker suit or Lilly sundress on Easter!

  4. I always look forward to wearing Lilly on Easter! That's the start of wearing white for me too!

  5. This Southern and preppy girl has always abided by the Easter Sunday rule. Move your date to Easter Miss B and enjoy the white!

  6. white jeans all year round... don't care what they say! love the look when paired with a black sweater and black boots... it can be so chic... you, of course, look adorable!



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