Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nautical Table for Two

We've decided to have a sweetheart table at our wedding.  Although the idea of a head table is a good choice for some brides, we don't want to separate members of our wedding party from their spouses during the reception.  I've been to weddings where I had to sit at a head table and know that my significant other didn't like being at a table without me. 

The sweetheart table is also a great place where we can spend some time together as a couple, but yet we are approachable to everyone and visible at the reception.  In my mind, a table for two is much more approachable than a long rectangular table with the entire wedding party.  John and I plan to visit each table at the reception, but this will be a nice, quiet place for us to actually get to enjoy our dinner.  (Believe it or not, many brides get very little to eat at their own weddings because they are so busy!)

As a special place, the sweetheart table should have some special decor.  Since we're incorporating navy and pink with a nautical theme, here are some ideas that I am considering.  I'd love to know what you think!

Won't these knots be such an adorable touch on the chairs?


The water view from this sweetheart table is divine.  The starfish, shells, and flowers are simple and elegant.  

What did you do at your wedding or what will you do in the future?  Would you prefer a sweetheart table or large head table with the entire wedding party?

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  1. Since we did stations, we didn't do any tables for our wedding party. But I do have one suggestion that may not work if you do a seated dinner. We had our own room upstairs of the reception and ate by ourselves. Otherwise, we would not have eaten. People will come up to you and you won't eat. Sad but has happened to every single one of my friends. Having the 15 minutes to just Kevin and I was awesome AND we ate! :)



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