Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On the Wait List

First, let me tell you that I'm not very good at waiting.  I have a great deal of patience with people, especially my children, but put me in a line, and it makes me squirm.

After many, many months of hearing wonderful things about Birchbox, I decided to sign up for a subscription.  And now I'm on the waitlist.

Hopefully the wait will be short and I'll soon be receiving a fabulous box of goodies every month for only $10 including shipping.  

So how does one manage what could turn out to be a one month wait?  For starters, I'll pass the time by admiring practically everything on Birchbox's website and shopping.  Some of the brands are new to me while I see many of my favorites are included.

What are my top picks from Birchbox right now?  Fingers crossed that I'll open a box to find some of these in the near future.

twistband Birchbox Nautical Hair Ties

tili Bags Large

Elizabeth McKay Pink Elephant Key Chain

Do you subscribe to Birchbox?  Please leave a comment to share some of the fun items that you have received in your monthly box.  I'd love to hear your feedback and opinion!


  1. I've been a Birchbox subscriber for about a year now and love it! I was waitlisted in the beginning, but it really doesn't take very long. It's such a fun surprise to get every month. I like to check out their sneak peek videos to see what they're including that month, then comparing it to my loot.

    I would definitely expect to get a few hair ties. I've received two in, one in two different boxes, but have yet to see the nautical one (I may have to buy those myself).

    Don't worry I'm sure your wait will be over soon and you'll be able to enjoy!

  2. I've subscribed since they started and love them! Because of my profile I am always getting fun new hair products (including two hair ties like the ones you sell with the girls), nail polish, perfume samples, and sometimes you get little snacks or pens or such. I love getting the box and agree with Tory - I always peek to see what's on it's way!

  3. I used to subscribe, but cancelled after about a year. It was really hit or miss with the products I received and nothing I 'sampled' did I ever like so much I would actually buy. I figured my money was better spent buying larger products I actually wanted than getting so many samples I wouldn't really use. Hope it's better for you!

  4. I bought 2 subscriptions one from Birchbox and one from Ipsy. There was 0 wait for Ipsy and the sample sizes and selection on Ipsy were FAR better then Birchbox. I'd get off that wait list and start enjoying Ipsy right away!



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