Friday, July 12, 2013

Birthdays...Post Children

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday!  It was a wonderful day full of fun.  When I was younger, I lived for birthdays.  I would plan my wish list for months and was always so excited about the party.

Landmark birthdays were especially exciting.  I remember the double digits cake my mother made for my 10th birthday.  Ages 16, 18 and 21 were also a thrill.  But after that, birthdays somehow became less important in my own eyes.

One of the things that changed my opinion of my own birthday was having children.  I'll spend months planning their birthday party and finding the perfect birthday gift for them.  Hours and hours spent on Pinterest and other party planning sites are well worth the smiles my girls have on their faces while they are celebrating their birthday.

No matter whose birthday it is, in my family, it is about the children.  When the minnies were 4 or 5, they would always joke with their Uncle Mike that it was his birthday whenever anyone else was celebrating.  It made them laugh and laugh.  As a result, we were all laughing.  Their joy and happiness was contagious.  And it still is.   Every holiday seems to change with children.  It's a happy change!

Lately, I don't give much thought to my own birthday.  Of course, I'd love to receive a floral printed shopping bag from Lilly, filled to the brim with new clothing.  A purse in a certain brown bag, from the Epi collection, makes me smile just thinking about it.  But the gifts don't make a birthday special.

Beautiful cards that I received mean so much to me.  Phone calls from people who sang Happy Birthday to me are fun, too.  Even Facebook is a fun venue for birthday girls.  Where else could I receive greetings and quick messages from old college friends I have not seen in years?

This year, the 11 year old not-so-minnie-anymore-minnies and my sweet husband planned my day.  They decided that we should go to see Despicable Me 2 in the morning.  The movie was hilarious and I have a mad crush on all of the minions.

The girls treated me to my favorite cake, Red Velvet!  They sang Happy Birthday to me so loudly and were thrilled to see me blow out the candles.

Finally, John and I enjoyed dinner at Volt!  I donned my Marie Kate dress from Lilly Pulitzer for the first time and am in love with this dress.  Dinner was an amazing experience.  We each enjoyed 5 courses of the most unique and delicious food I've ever tried.  The service was impeccable and I'm glad that J was able to get a reservation.

Birthdays, holidays and celebrations are about the children in my life now.  If you have children, have the celebrations in your life changed?  If you're over the milestone birthdays of 16, 18 and 21, have your ideas about birthdays changed?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  


  1. I think Birthdays are so much more special now! I'm so glad to hear that yours was!

  2. I still try to make my children's birthdays special but I am guilty of not paying any attention to my own! Our calendar is so hectic in the spring (my birthday is in April) that the last two years we have had to celebrate my birthday almost an entire month later! After reading your post, I think next year I may do something special myself!



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