Monday, July 15, 2013

Wooden Monogram Cutouts

Wooden Monograms are so pretty and can be used in so many ways.  When I received my large wooden monogram in the mail from my friends at Southern Nest, I was immediately amazed by the careful packaging.  The monogram was in a box with lots of filler and was carefully attached on  a piece of sturdy cardboard. 

If you are looking for a wooden monogram, Southern Nest is THE SOURCE for high quality wooden monogram cutouts.  Their philosophy is a little bit vintage and a little bit preppy; just my kind of style.   

The wooden monogram cutout is so versatile and can be used and displayed in so many different ways.  Today, as I celebrate my 1 month wedding anniversary, it's fun to look at this casual picture of us cutting the cake.  My new monogram added an elegant touch to the cake table. 

Now that we're getting organized in our new home, the monogram adds an elegant touch to the home d├ęcor.  Although I had originally planned to hang the monogram on the wall in the piano room, I opted to add it to the wreath on the front door because I would see it every day! 

Southern Nest's wooden monograms make fabulous gifts for new brides, college students, or any special occasion.  My minnies want to hang one in their room!  
Where would you hang your wooden monogram cutout in your home?  


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I don't have a wooden monogram. Yet. I'm going to click through to southern nest right now and buy one though :)


  2. Love it. What size did you buy for your front door? My front door is painted white so I would have to have a black monogram. And wreath? brick house, dark, dark green shutter. Opinion please. SO glad you remarried. Such a handsome groom and gorgeous bride! much happiness to you both.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! You are a BEAUTIFUL bride!!!! Congratulations to you both! I was remarried in 2010 and loved being a newlywed. Enjoy this special time together!

    I have a single monogram script letter on my door right now, but I love your monogram on the wreath...I also have a black front door and love the look of your door so I may need to order a full monogram!



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